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The hot young fresh-faced jock Travis Cooper was waiting for me in one of the clinic waiting rooms today and I couldn’t be happier. I had seen the first year around the campus and admired him from afar but I wasn’t about to tell him that. When I walked in to the room my breath caught in my throat but I quickly gathered my self together and introduced myself. Travis was complaining about pain in his posterior. After hearing about his diet and the kind of pain he was feeling I could deduce that he was suffering from hemorrhoids.




Luke at College Boy Physicals says,

I had an accident with my Vespa scooter the other morning on my way to work, and I ended up only walking away with some scratches and cuts on my right side of the body. Some idiot on his cell phone turned and didn’t pay attention to me. I didn’t want to take a chance, so I made an appointment to go in to see a doctor. When I showed up to my appointment I had to wait for my name to be called after I gave them all my paperwork. One of the nurses called my name and walked me back to one of the exam rooms where I took a seat on the table. She told me that the doctor would be right in, and she closed the door behind here. At one point I heard someone pick the clipboard up from hanging in the door and then there was a knock at the door. Dr. Toppinbottom came in and introduced himself as he started to look over my chart. I told him a little bit of why I was there and as he went through my paperwork, noticed that there wasn’t a date for the last time I had a physical. The Doc explained to me that he wanted to perform a physical and would also make sure that I was okay from the accident. Having a complete look over from head to toe didn’t sound so bad after what I had just been through, so I said that was fine. (MORE)


Dr. Toppinbottom said that they do things a little differently in that clinic than in most offices and that was because they only focused on males and not women. I said okay and the Doc wanted to start by listening to my heart and lungs. I removed my shirt and the good doctor took a couple of listens to my breathing. Afterward he looked in my ears, eyes, and mouth, and took my blood pressure which was a normal level even after being in an accident. Toppinbottom wanted to do a pelvic exam and so he wanted me to take off my pants, I hopped off the table and stripped down. Taking a seat, the Doc commented on my jockstrap, and I told him that I just practice a lot of sports. Putting on a pair of gloves the Doc was using a pair of black heavy duty gloves. When I asked about them, he told me that they were for doing deep research. He started to feel around my lower pelvic area with his hands moving around my waistband area. Reaching into the jock strip he pulled my cock and balls out and felt around underneath them and to the side. Dr. Toppinbottom asked me how many partners I am typically with, and honestly I just don’t count. (MORE)


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Austin at College Boy Physicals says,

Just as Keith and I were getting our underwear back on, Nurse Ajay walked into the room and asked what we were doing. Both of us responded that we were doing an experiment with Dr. Phingerphuck and the Nurse said he was going to go check with the Doc. Upon his return both Keith and I were sitting down just saying how awkward that was. Nurse Ajay said that he was going to perform a normal physical on us. He started with asking how we felt and if the drug was working. Joking around both of us said that we still felt gay, and horny. Taking down our stats and information, he started with doing some tests on Keith first. Listening to his lungs, heart, and taking his blood pressure. When Nurse Ajay wanted to making sure that everything below the belt was working correctly. Keith stripped out of his underwear, and Ajay started to examine his dick. Pulling and stretching it, he told Keith to relax, and continued touching his cock. After a moment the Nurse told him to take over jerking off and I started to kiss and rub Keith all over to see if I could help. (MORE)


Nurse Ajay’s hands were rubbing Keith’s legs, and it started to move down in between them. That was when I noticed that the Nurse was fingering Keith’s tight hole to get him aroused. Keith was moaning just like he did at home, and it seemed like at any moment he was going to blow his load. The Nurse tried taking his finger out, but Keith seemed to do better when he had a finger in his butt. Keeping with it, Keith just kept up the same pace. All of a sudden he started to yell out, “oh fuck!” That was when we knew he reached his climax, cum started to squirt out of Keith’s cock landing on his leg, and hand. The Nurse didn’t give him much time to catch his breath before he had me get up on the exam table. He explained to me that he was going to have me do the same thing that Keith went through. As he checked me out, the Nurse said that it seemed like the medicine seemed to have no effect on us. That was when Ajay said that maybe we were just too gay for it to work. (MORE)


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William at College Boy Physicals says,

I went into the doctor’s because I was coughing a lot, and it wasn’t going away on its own. The doctor came into the room, and introduced himself before starting the exam to see what was going on. He had me remove my shirt and took my blood pressure. My blood pressure results were normal, and so he started to take down some notes about my symptoms. Listening to my heart the doctor was very good at explaining what he was doing and why. He made me very comfortable with everything that he was doing, and he could tell that had some flem in the throat. (MORE)


The doctor had me strip down to my boxers, and take a seat back onto the exam table. He began checking out the rest of my body, by first palpating my upper body. Taking his time he worked his way around my body and could tell that I work a lot on my computer, and play sports. Testing my reflexes he moved my legs up and down and then worked on my arms. Looking for hernias he had me drop my boxers, and then he began to exam my cock and balls with gloves on. He made sure to take his time and feeling around my testicals. I watched him and hoped that he wouldn’t notice that I was precumming a little with all the touching that he was doing down there. However, he didn’t say anything, but did touch the cum. (MORE)


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Alex at College Boy Physicals says,

I transferred to a university in southern Florida to go to school as in exchange student from Spain. And one of the requirements when I got there was that I had to have a physical at the school’s clinic. I made an appointment and when I went in my appointment was with Dr. James. He was very nice, and started with taking my blood pressure. He told me that it was normal range for my age. Dr. James had me take off my shirt and he listened to my heart and lungs to make sure they were ok as well. Palpating my stomach, he tried to see if I had any tender areas. Slipping his hand in my waist band, there was still no trouble areas. He had me remove my shorts and pants to be naked for the next part of the exam. (MORE)


To do this I stood up off the exam table and was a little self-concuss about him seeing my cock. With my hand I tried to cover it up, so that he didn’t see how tiny my cock was, because of the temperature of the room. Examining my testacies he felt them all over, to see if there were any lumps. To take my temperature he had me roll over on my stomach and inserted a thermometer in my ass to get the most accurate reading. As soon as he saw that I was fine, he wanted to continue on by checking out my prostate. Slowly he slid a finger in my tight asshole, and moved it towards my cock. I have to admit that it was kind of weird having a doctor do this to me for the first time. (MORE)


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Zack at College Boy Physicals says,

I showed up for my exam at the clinic that we had to schedule the day before. The nurse took me back to the room where I was to wait for one of the doctors to come in. I had no idea which one or if it would be a different doctor. There was a knock at the door and Dr. Slater walked in smiling. He said that he would be the one conducting the exam, and asked me if I had anything to report to him as issues that I might be having. I said that I was fine, and he proceeded with examining me. He told me to take off my shirt, so that he could listen to my heart beat. I tossed my shirt on the floor and leaned back, he started to touch and squeeze my right side. Then, he applied his stethoscope to my heart area and took a listen. After I had to do the whole breathing thing, Dr. Slater put on a pair of gloves and felt around for any sore areas. He asked me to drop my pants and that was when he started to feel underneath my underwear. (MORE)


Taking off my underwear, the Doc examined my cock and balls very carefully and all I could do was lay there. When the doctor said that it was time to do the anal portion of the exam, I started to get a little nervous. He prepped the table and had my legs spread wide apart so that he could get up close and personal. To get started he applied some lube to his finger and started to push his finger inside me. Slowly he moved it in and out to try to get my hole to relax. It was one of those things where it felt good and painful at the same time. Moving a little faster just as I was getting used to it, he pulled his finger out and grabbed some tool. As it touched my skin it was cold, and sent a shock feeling through my body. Pushing it in, Dr. Slater went very slow and once he got all the way inside; he pulled out the middle of the tool and took a look inside my ass. It was interesting! Then, he took it out, and said that he had completed another portion of the exam. (MORE)


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Zack at College Boy Physicals says,

Kyle and I had to return for another visit at the clinic where Dr. Topnbottom wanted to run some more tests. The two of us met up in the waiting room of the clinic where one of the nurses took us back to an exam room. When Dr. Topnbottom came in he said that he has been comparing both Kyle and I with one another and we’re both very similar when it came to body type, ejaculation, and sperm count. The tests that he wanted to run that day was that one of us would have his prostate stimulated and the other would not. Dr. Topnbottom said that he was going to have me act like his assistant, and the first thing that he was going to want me to do was help undress Kyle to give him fellatio. Kyle dropped his shorts to the floor and hopped back up on the table looking at me. The Doc chimed in about the underwear needing to come off. That was when the instructions started to come in about what I needed to do. (MORE)


Dr. Topnbottom told me to grab the cock at the base of his penis very firmly. Then take the whole thing in my mouth. As I did so, I paused for a moment to make sure that what I was doing was right. The Doc told me to keep going, and so with the whole thing in my mouth I was working on trying to get him hard. I was told to lick his balls for a while, and as he started to get harder. The Doc made us pause to take off our shirts, so that we didn’t get too hot.. When I went back to giving him head Kyle seemed to get a lot harder. Still the Doc wanted to show me some more techniques to use, by showing me himself. Pushing Kyle back against the table, Topnbottom took a hold of the throbbing cock and put it in his mouth. In watching the doctor he did this twisting motion with his head, as he went up and down. I stripped out of my clothes, and down to my underwear. I stepped in closer to Kyle; and I started to lick his nipple to have something to do. That was when the Doc tapped me on the head and told me to lick Kyle’s ass hole. (MORE)


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Kyle at College Boy Physicals says,

I had returned for my follow up visit with the clinic after going with Zack for the special project that the doctors had. When I showed up the nurse told me that just Dr. Topnbottom would be performing the exam. I didn’t really care, I just wanted the money that he was going to pay me for the study. It was only a moment later that Dr. Topnbottom walked into the room and was ready to get started. He did say that he would need another sample to give the lab, because yesterday just wasn’t going to be enough. Taking off my shirt the Doc started by listening to my heart rate, and taking my blood pressure. After that he had me do 10 push-ups and sit-ups, so that he could take my blood pressure again. I felt like I was getting a workout at the doctor’s office, and afterward he took my heart rate as well. Finding it a little elevated he asked how I felt after a workout and sexual activity. But, most of the time I never had any issues that I would complain of. (MORE)


Putting on a pair of gloves the doctor proceeded to take off my jean shorts. Then, feeling my stomach and pubic areas he looked for any tender areas. After he didn’t find any, he pulled off my underwear so that I was naked on the exam table. The was where he examined my package and then told me that he wanted to take my temperature. To no surprise he said that he wanted to do it anally. He had me move to the end of the exam table and put my feet up in the stirrups. He lubed up the thermometer and inserted it into my asshole. Holding it there for a moment he wanted to make sure that he could get a reading. Taking it out he looked at it closely and said that I appeared to be normal. His next order of business to check off was that he needed to do more of an anal exam. To loosen me up, he started with lubing his finger up. Inserting it into my hole (MORE)


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Holden at College Boys Physicals says,

I don’t have any insurance with the rise in cost and I just don’t have money to blow on more bills. When I signed up for college they allow me to be covered through their program so I was actually going to be able to see a real doctor. Once I got my card in the mail, I called up the school clinic and made an appointment to see one of its physician’s. When I arrived to the clinic I had all those damn ass forms to fill out, but then a nurse took me back to a room where I sat and waited for a doctor to come in. After a few minutes, Dr. James came in and introduced himself to me. He took down some of my basic stat information and some medical history from me. (MORE)


Dr. James started the exam by having me remove my shirt so that he could listen to my heart and lungs. He asked me how much I had been smoking and honestly I am going to lie to the doctor a little bit, I didn’t want him to really know how bad I had been. Keeping the exam going he had me take off my shoes and pants. I got back up on the table and he listened to my lungs again and gave me a lecture about smoking. He then palpated my stomach, and felt my lower abdomen. Dr. James asked me to take off my underwear so that he could examine my testicles. His hands felt very weird as he felt my dick, but he said that there was nothing out of the ordinary. Turning over like he asked he wanted to feel my prostate. He lubed up his finger and stuck it in my ass. Now, that was a little odd, but it had been a while since I had been in the doctors. I just closed my eyes as his finger entered my asshole. (MORE)


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Morgan at College Boys Physicals says,

I had twisted my ankle while playing football with some friends messing around in a park, and I got stuck using crutches for a week. Going in for a follow-up visit I was seeing a different doctor than the one who saw me before. The nurse showed me back to the room and I took a seat on the exam table while Dr. James started to take a look at me. He had me lay back and he helped me take off my shorts. Squeezing my legs he proceeded to see if my ankle was better. Taking off my shirt he listened to my lungs on the different sides. He palpated my stomach, and examined my genitals. For this Dr. James put on some rubber gloves, and started to squeeze my dick and balls. The doctor told me that he was going to need to take my temperature, but for this he needed me to get on all fours. That shocked me a little bit, but I wasn’t going to argue with him. As the thermometer slid into my ass it was a very odd feeling, but I just put up with the discomfort. (MORE)


Turning over on my back the doctor saw that I had a boner, and he started to touch my dick once more. He then bent over and took my cock in his mouth. I was very shocked that the doctor would want to suck on my cock. Does he do this with all his patients or was I just one of the lucky ones? I can say that the doctor was very talented with his mouth, and giving head. I laid there just enjoying what was going on. Part of me knew this was weird, but I was ok with that. The doctor paused for a moment and asked me if it was ok for him to finish me off. I told him that was fine, as he reached for the lube. Jerking me off, all I had to do was lay there. (MORE)


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Caleb at College Boys Physicals says,

I wasn’t feeling very well, after I had went to a party at my friends house the night before. I had a headache, and my ass was killing me. I decided to go into the school’s clinic and see if there was anything they could do to help me. Dr. Swallowcock came into the room and he started to examine me. He had me take off my shirt and started to listen to my heart and lungs. The doctor then took my blood pressure, and told me it was good. He ordered me to stand up and drop my pants for him to examine me, while he put on some gloves. I took off my boxer briefs and he took a hold of each testicle and had me cough. (MORE)


I climbed up on the exam table naked and laid down just like he asked. The doctor felt over my body with his hands and made sure that I was ok. He had me flip over and he said he was going to check out my rectum. He put some lube on his finger and inserted it into my hole. He inserted it slowly and moved his finger around a little bit. The doctor asked me how I was feeling and I told him that it just felt sore. Dr. Swallowcock told me that he was going to have to take a deeper look using a different tool. He took the tool and inserted it in my ass slowly. All of a sudden the tool started to vibrate and it actually felt pretty good. However, it was just weird because I have never had this happen before at the doctors. (MORE)


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Niko at College Boys Physicals says,

My coach told me that I needed to go into the school clinic to get checked out so that I could join the team. When I called to make the appointment they told me that they had an opening and I could come right in to the clinic. The first thing that the nurse had me do was fill out all the paperwork and give my health history to her. Walking me back to one of the patient rooms, I had taken a seat on the bed and waited for the doctor to come in. The doctor’s name is Dr. Phingerphuk, and he introduced himself to me before the examination begun. The exam was going to start out with checking out my heart and he had me take off my shirt so he could listen to my heart. Dr. Phingerphuk was very good about mixing some small talk in with doing the examination which made me feel very comfortable from the start. (MORE)


Moving back to take a laying down position on the bed, he started to palpate my stomach to find any tend spots. He had me roll over on to my stomach to palpate my back as well. Dr. Phingerphuk made fun of my very white teeth, but I can’t help it I take pride in my mouth. The exam continued on and he told me that he was going to check for hernias, so he took of my shoes, socks and helped with my pants. He was very gentle in touching my stomach and feeling just below the waist band with his hands. With my underwear off the doctor put some gloves on and started to feel around my cock and balls with his hands. The doctor told me that he was going to run another test and massage my balls to relieve some pressure. I have never had a doctor do to me what he was doing, but it felt good what he was doing. My cock was so hard and I was trying everything I could to hold back from shooting my load. I asked the doctor how I compared the rest of the team getting checked out and he said above average. (MORE)


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It was time for my yearly check up and I just wanted to make sure that everything was ok. Plus, I had been thinking about going into the army so they like to have you have an exam before you join. The doctor introduced himself and seemed very comfortable to be around. Dr. Swallowcock had me take off my shirt so that he could listen to my lungs and heart. He then took my blood pressure and he said that I was in the health range. Dr. Swallowcock did some physical tests and then he had me lay down on the bed. He started to examine my lower stomach. (MORE)


Dr. Swallow cock had me remove my pants and then he began to fill my testicles. So, far this was like every exam that I have had. Turning over on my stomach he felt my legs and he then told me that he wanted to take my temperature. To do that he wanted me to remove my pants so that he could get the most accurate reading. This kind of shocked me because this was something new that I had never had done. There was a quick poke and then it was in. Kind of a cold, weird feeling, but it wasn’t bad. Everything was fine until he proceeded to stick his finger in my ass. It was a prostate exam and he made clear that everything was ok. (MORE)




I had to get checked out in the school clinic before I could send my wrestlers in to get checked out. The doctor came in and had me get up on the bed to get examined. Then, he had me take off my shirt so that he could listen to my heart and lungs. I dropped my shirts so that the doctor could fill to make sure that I was ok and didn’t have a problem. Examining my cock he started to feel my balls to make sure that there were no lumps and feeling my shaft actually was able to get me fully hard. (MORE)


Dr. Swallowcock lowered his mouth down to my cock and began to give me head. He seemed to be a pro at it. Licking my balls he kept going and was playing with my cock for a while. Stroking my cock he made sure keep me hard and was actually able to swallow my whole cock in his mouth. I wasn’t going to pass up getting head from the doctor or anyone for that matter. I started to squeeze the doctor’s ass as he was servicing my cock and making me moan. (MORE)