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Leo at College Boy Physicals says,

Recently I seemed to have done something to my thigh muscle while I was doing some martial arts work during some practicing and ever sense then my leg has been causing me enough pain to make an appointment to see the doctor. I am not one to go to the Doc every time I get sick, so when I setup my appointment for the following day the Nurse instructed me to bring my insurance card with me for a current copy. When I arrived at the office the Nurse behind the counter instructed me that I would be seeing Dr. Toppinbottom and that someone would be taking me back after I filled out the packet of information that they needed. They asked me all kinds of crazy questions on there, and after I was done they took me back to this very white exam room that had a couple of posters up on the walls. Nurse Cindy told me to take a seat anywhere and the Doc would be right in. Sitting on the huge exam table, as soon as I was comfortable Dr. Toppinbottom came in. (MORE)


I explained to the Doc why I was in and what was wrong, he said that he would check me out carefully and also wanted to do a complete physical since it had been around three years since my last one. I didn’t mind and actually it probably was good that he offered to do one. He started the exam by listening to my heart and lungs, looking into my eyes and ears, and then wanted to get my weight. He had me strip down to my underwear to get an almost exact measurement of my weight. Standing on the scale I actually weighed a little less than I thought I did. Getting back up on the exam table, the Doc wanted to check out my body for any tender areas. I leaned back and after Toppinbottom put on a glove he started to feel around my lower abdomen. Working his way close to my dick, I assumed that my underwear would be coming off for this exam. The Doc slowed me down until he was ready for them to come off. I wasn’t nervous being there at the Docs, and with him touching around my underwear my dick got pretty hard. (MORE)


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Ty at College Boy Physicals says,

I broke my ankle and had been seeing Dr. Dick on making sure that it has been heeling correctly. The last time I was in the clinic he told me to make an appointment to just make sure that there were no issues after he took off the cast in a couple of weeks. Well, weeks later I arrived at the clinic I was taken from the waiting room to one of the many exam rooms where I was greeted by Dr. Toppinbottom. He explained that Dr. Dick wasn’t in the office, and that he would be performing my exam. Looking over my chart and then at me he noticed that my ankle didn’t have any bruising and seemed to be healing rather nicely. I also told him that I wanted a regular physical while I was in, and the Doc seemed to be up for doing that. He took down my basic information and had me take off my shirt. Listening to my heart, lungs, and looking into my eyes he mentioned that everything so far was going good. Dr. Toppinbottom did take notice in my losing some weight without really changing my diet or doing any exercise. (MORE)


Sitting back on the exam table the Doc put on a glove and was going to check my lower pelvic area for any tender spots. As he felt around, my underwear became lower and lower until my dick was fully exposed. He moved my dick and balls around to check them out to make sure that everything was okay. After that he told me that because of my age it was a good idea to start having regular prostate exams, and so for him to do that I needed to drop my underwear. I was repositioned on the exam table and Dr. Toppinbottom pulled out the foot stirrups for me to rest my feet in. Sitting there with my legs wide apart and my asshole exposed I do have to say that I found out what a girl goes through for a checkup. The Doc applied some lube to his fingers and warmed them up for a second before he proceeded with sticking one in my butt hole. (MORE)


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Ricky at College Boy Physicals says,

Early this week I received a letter in the mail from the dean’s office saying that it has been a year since my last physical, and that I need to complete another one as soon as possible. Calling the clinic they were able to get me in to see a doctor the following day, and told me that I would be seeing a new physician Dr. Dallas. When I arrived at the clinic, of course the first thing I had to do was give them my insurance card, along with money. Sitting in the waiting room, all they had were old hot rod and golf magazines for guys. I flipped through two, and then my name was called to be escorted to an exam room. Taking a seat, it was only a few minutes before there was a knock at the door and it was the Doc. He came in and looked over my chart and what I was in for. Making small talk he got some information and started looking me over. (MORE)


Without wasting much time Dallas had me take off my shirt, so that he could listen to my heart and lungs. He felt my gag reflexes, felt around my chest, and then asked me to drop my pants. Returning to seating down on the table, he had me lean back so that he could start feeling my lower abdominal area. Pausing he could tell that I was a little swollen and puffy, and asked me how long it had been going on. I responded by telling him that it was a little tender the last couple of days. I was told to take off my underwear, and Dr. Dallas began to examine my balls, to find that they were enlarged. He said that he would be able to provide some relief rather quickly and make me feel better. (MORE)


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Shane at College Boy Physicals says,

I was left alone in the exam room while Dr. Dick left for a while and was going to bring in another doctor. The experimental drug left a weird taste in my mouth, and I just sat on exam table waiting. It only took a few minutes for the drug to kick in and I decided to go ahead and put my underwear on while I waited. There was a knock at the door and the two doctors walked in and Dr. Dick introduced the new Doc. We began talking about what I was experiencing and how I was feeling. Then, the next thing that they wanted to do was check me over again. Dr. Dick began going through some kind of checklist while Dr. Dallas wrote all the information on the form. They listened to my heart, lungs, took my blood pressure, and looked down my throat. We talked about how the lighting was affecting me, and that I was just experiencing a rush type feeling. Dr. Dick examined my chest and abdominal area, while Dr. Dallas put on a pair of gloves to check out my genitals. (MORE)


Both Doctors were checking my dick and balls out and there were four hands in my underwear feeling around. I was a little nervous, but just sat there not knowing what to say or do. Once they were done with that, Dr. Dick started explaining to Dr. Dallas that things are done a little differently in this clinic. That was when Dr. Dick instructed Dallas to suck on my dick, and the Doc did it! He lowered his mouth over my head, and swallowed my dick. Sucking on it using all the muscles in his mouth, I do have to admit that he knew how to give great head. He was able to get me hard, and Dr. Dick told him to go on and suck my balls as well. As his tongue covered every inch of my sack, Dr. Dick felt the tip of my cock keeping it hard. I watched the Doc service my dick, and I couldn’t believe that Dallas was so good at Oral. He moved to keeping his mouth on the tip of my cock, while Dr. Dick stroked the bottom part of my shaft. When they thought that I was fully hard, they paused what they were doing and measured my dick to get a reading after a dose of the drug. (MORE)


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Shane at College Boy Physicals says,

I needed to make some extra money to pay bills, because my hours keep getting cut and my paychecks are getting smaller. Looking in the help wanted section of the college newspaper I saw that a clinic was looking for students to do some medical experiments with great compensation. Giving them a call they told me that they were trying out a new experimental sexual drug and that they needed healthy participants to take part in the study. We setup a time for me to go into the clinic, and the first thing that I had to do was sign a whole bunch of waivers saying that if something went wrong that I couldn’t sue the clinic. It didn’t matter at this point I needed the money. As soon as they had all the paperwork done, I was taken back to one of the exam rooms and was told to take a seat. Moments later Dr. Dick walked in and introduced himself. He saw on the chart that I was going to take part in the study for the drug, and the first thing that he did was take down some basic health information from me. (MORE)


Dr. Dick started with taking down my age, 23, my weight, 160 pounds, and that I like to work out. Listening to my heart and lungs just from the sound he could tell that I played some kind of a sport. I told him that I am a runner, but that I also like to swim when I can. Palpating my stomach basically he was looking for any sore or tender areas on my body. His hands worked their way around my chest and stomach. The Doctor proceeded to undo my belt and pants so that he could feel around the lower part of my waist. It was at this point when Dr. Dick explained that the clinic had come up with a drug that could make straight guys attracted to guys, and now they were trying to come up with something that would do the opposite. On my sheet I had to mark my sexuality and it was because I was gay that I got chosen to participate in the study. (MORE)


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