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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

I return to the exam room where I left Ashton. I told him to go across the campus and take a shower and freshen up for his next series of experiments. Ashton was back in my office trying to re-new his prescription for his pills and although the he thinks he’s trying to take advantage of us Doctors, we realize the game he’s playing so we are making it very, very difficult for Ashton and pushing him to his limits. If he wants these pills, he’s going to have to work for them and put up with my experiments. (MORE)


I enter the exam room and I see Ashton is all freshened up and ready for next assault. I knew his heart was in good working condition, but this time I checked his blood pressure and it was normal and everything seem to be in working order for a boy his age. I removed his underwear and inspected his penis, this time I placed a new electro attachment onto his penis. These were long sticky pads that I placed on his penis and I wanted to see how much endurance he can take by electrostimulating his penis with these new attachments we designed. (MORE)


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Ashton at College Boys Physicals says,

I walked in the exam room and to my surprise I see Ashton waiting for me once again. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him, I thought we’ve seen the last of him after what Dr. Topinbotom has done with him but I guess I was wrong. Of course Ashton was asking for his refill for his medication so Doctor PhingerPhuk told him he’s going to have to work for his prescription. (MORE)


Dr.PhingerPhuk has Ashton remove his shirt and listen to his heart and then weighed him and then felt around his lower abdomen. He then had Ashton remove his pants and was wearing a black jockstrap. Since this was Ashton’s 4th visit he knew how to work the doctor’s over and get on there good side so Ashton teased the Doc with his new jockstrap. The doctor then administered a new vapor which made Ashton a big dizzy and sleepy. That allowed Dr.PhingerPhuk to place Ashton’s legs onto the stirrups and open up his ass and start placing in the new experimental toy called the Assinator. Ashton come back to reality as the Doctor was inserting the large Assinator into his tight rectum. The doctor gave Ashton more vapors and he became dizzy and sleepy once again as the doctor inserted the Assinator deeper into Ashton’s tight hole and was pumping him with the electronic dildo. I increased the power to the Assinator, as Ashton was taking the toy deeper into his ass, as for all the patients, Ashton was the first to take the whole Assinator into his rectum. The doctor pump the toy in and out of his ass, while playing with his dick. Ashton didn’t get that hard but he was enjoying the torment that the doc was doing to his ass, going deeper and the buzzing of the toy increased making Ashton feel hornier and hornier. (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals says,

Corey took my advice and came back for his follow-up exam. Corey is a hot 21 year old straight boy that is pretty advanced. He’s use to being manhandled by Doctors since he has had one of his testicles removed. When Corey was a young boy at the age of 9 years old he had a bad hernia and they had to remove one of his testicles. Ever since then, Corey had to visit a doctor every year to get his testicles examined to make sure everything is working correctly. On Corey’s first visit I just did the basic exam but on his follow up visit I wanted to explore his body a bit more. (MORE)


I decided that his next visit will be an intense prostrate exam. I arrived in the exam room with him waiting for me. I welcomed him back and proceeded to listen to his heart. I didn’t do all the basic stuff because I did it last week and not much changed but I like to listen to his heart to make sure that his heart is strong and that he will be able to endure my tests on him. I asked him to remove his shirt and I listened to his heart very carefully. Everything seem to be normal. He was a bit nervous but that is normal with all patients. (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals says,

Corey is our newest patient. This hot smooth toned straight 21 year old college student has to go to the doctors for a physical each year because he only has one testicle. At age nine, he had an accident and they needed to remove one of his testicles. Every year he as to go to the doctors and get a check up to make sure nothing is wrong with his one and only testicle and that everything is in working order. (MORE)


Cory was a bit nervous since this was his first time not at his normal doctor. I told him that we give a very thorough exam to all new students that arrive. I did his normal heart and throat and ears exam and I listen to his heart and such and then took his blood pressure. Everything was working just fine and nothing seem to out of place. I had him remove his shorts just leaving his undies on and I weighed him. Cory is 5’11 and weights 135lbs. Has a really smooth toned body with fine blond hair, he reminded me of the local surfer dudes that hang out on the beach. After weighing him, I had him jump back onto the exam table were I palpated his upper chest and worked my hands down his lower abdomen. Again, everything was in great working order and no normalites to report. I had young healthy 21 year old guy, that was in perfect shape. (MORE)


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