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Austin at College Boy Physicals says,

Keith and I went back for our following appointment to see if we had experienced any side effects over night from the drug. The next day we showed up at the clinic and the nurse at the counter took us back to one of the exam rooms to wait for Nurse Ajay to come in for the exam. He explained that he was going to be looking for any side effects, but was also going to administer a double dose of the serum. Both Keith and I took a seat next to one another and stripped out of T-shirts like we were asked. Ajay started with taking a listen to my lungs and chest before going over to Keith. After that he gave us two spoonfuls of the liquid that was supposed to make us straight. While we gave it some time to kick in, we were instructed to lose the pants and underwear. Bare ass naked the Nurse felt around my pelvic area for any tender spots, before moving over to Keith. Afterward he wanted us to play with ourselves to get on with the experiment. (MORE)


As I was stroking my cock and stealing a glance over at Keith, Nurse Ajay was getting rather warm in all of his clothes. He lost his shirt to see if that would make a difference and started to give me oral. Sucking on my dick, he was doing an amazing job of deep-throating and making sure to touch every part of my dick with his mouth. While he was giving me head, he reached over to get Keith to rub my chest. When the Nurse had enough of oral, he had Keith take over. Keith jumped up from the stool, and moved over to take Ajay’s spot. Oh was the blow job even better, and I loved it! I noticed that while we were busy doing our thing, Nurse Ajay had his back to us while he was doing something. Turning around I could see that he had a condom on his dick and it was lubed up and ready to go. Moving in behind Keith, Ajay made Keith spread his legs apart. Pushing his dick in, the Nurse was able to get his cock all the way in. Now that we were doing a threesome, Keith was getting fucked and in the beginning my dick kept Keith busy. However, the pleasure became too much and Keith was moaning like he does at home. As the Nurse thrust his hips forward the exam table would rock and make a lot of noises. I am sure that the people in the next room could hear. (MORE)


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Austin at College Boy Physicals says,

Just as Keith and I were getting our underwear back on, Nurse Ajay walked into the room and asked what we were doing. Both of us responded that we were doing an experiment with Dr. Phingerphuck and the Nurse said he was going to go check with the Doc. Upon his return both Keith and I were sitting down just saying how awkward that was. Nurse Ajay said that he was going to perform a normal physical on us. He started with asking how we felt and if the drug was working. Joking around both of us said that we still felt gay, and horny. Taking down our stats and information, he started with doing some tests on Keith first. Listening to his lungs, heart, and taking his blood pressure. When Nurse Ajay wanted to making sure that everything below the belt was working correctly. Keith stripped out of his underwear, and Ajay started to examine his dick. Pulling and stretching it, he told Keith to relax, and continued touching his cock. After a moment the Nurse told him to take over jerking off and I started to kiss and rub Keith all over to see if I could help. (MORE)


Nurse Ajay’s hands were rubbing Keith’s legs, and it started to move down in between them. That was when I noticed that the Nurse was fingering Keith’s tight hole to get him aroused. Keith was moaning just like he did at home, and it seemed like at any moment he was going to blow his load. The Nurse tried taking his finger out, but Keith seemed to do better when he had a finger in his butt. Keeping with it, Keith just kept up the same pace. All of a sudden he started to yell out, “oh fuck!” That was when we knew he reached his climax, cum started to squirt out of Keith’s cock landing on his leg, and hand. The Nurse didn’t give him much time to catch his breath before he had me get up on the exam table. He explained to me that he was going to have me do the same thing that Keith went through. As he checked me out, the Nurse said that it seemed like the medicine seemed to have no effect on us. That was when Ajay said that maybe we were just too gay for it to work. (MORE)


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Austin at College Boy Physicals says,

While my boyfriend Keith and I were waiting for the doctor to come in to continue the next part of the medical experiment I couldn’t help, but notice that my body was starting to feel different. I felt really warm, and getting very horny. Keith mentioned that the syrup was supposed to make us want to have sex with girls. All I could think about was getting my dick sucked, and I told Keith that I wanted him to give me a blow job. He was very happy to suck my dick. Honestly, he loves to do it. We started to kiss and make out as I stripped out of my underwear and played with my dick. Slowly he kissed his way down to my chest and stomach to my dick. Putting my dick in his mouth, Keith started to suck on my cock. He likes to tease me by pausing while giving me head and will just lick the tip of my dick leaving me hanging. I LOVE when he deep-throats my cock and takes his time in coming back up. I have always been a moaner and a talker in bed, and that has been something that adds to our sex life. (MORE)


Keith and I have a great sex life and we do it all the time. I do have to say that we like to try daring things sometimes, like having sex at a park, or in a changing room in a department store. Being in the doctor�s office reminded me about this one time when we were traveling on a road trip together. It was our first trip together since we had started dating. We drove for a couple of hours, and ended up putting up a tent for us to sleep in for the night. Well, of course when things got dark we got a little frisky in the tent and we fucked each other twice. We were very vocal in telling each other to fuck and suck harder, and then when we ran out of steam we fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning when we woke up and got out of the tent to pee, we noticed that there was another couple out having some coffee only about 50 yards or so away from us. Keith and I both just kind of laugh and thought maybe they enjoyed the entertainment. So, being in the exam room and messing around was hot to the two of us, just because at any moment the doctor could walk in on us. (MORE)


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Austin at College Boy Physicals says,

My boyfriend Keith and I were looking in the newspaper and came across this ad in the newspaper where guys could make money participating in sexual experiments. I called the clinic and they asked me a series of questions to make sure that I would work, and they said that I could bring Keith as well. When we arrived at the clinic we both had to sign a bunch of paperwork before we could be taken back to one of the exam rooms for the doctor. After we finished, the nurse walked us back and put us in a room. I took a seat on the exam table and Keith sat next to me on a stool, and we just chilled while we waited for the doctor. Dr. Phingerphuck came in and introduced himself, when we explained why we were there. The Doc started to tell us that he had come up with some medical drink that straight guys could take to want to do gay sex, and that now the army got wind of it and they wanted him to come up with something that would do the reverse. That was where we came in, and we would make $1200 after we did three different visits to the clinic. The first thing that had to be done was a quick overview of our health. (MORE)


Dr. Phingerphuck started by asking me some standard questions about my height and weight. Next, he had me remove my shirt so that he could take a listen to my heart. The Doc could tell that I didn’t smoke by listening to my lungs. After that he took my blood pressure, and said that I had a normal range. When Phingerphuck asked about my sexual activity, I thought that it would had been obvious with my boyfriend sitting next to me. Both he and I have a promise to each other that we will always have safe sex with one another, and not take a chance with bare backing. I was told to take off my pants, and as I was sitting on the table in only my underwear the Doc put on a pair of gloves. He noticed my one pierced nipple as he felt around my body and down towards my dick. The next request was to have me remove my underwear, and I will admit that I was nervous. Touching and moving my dick around he noticed that I actually had some precum on my cock. After he finished checking out each of my balls Phingerphuck noticed that forgot to check my ears and eyes. (MORE)


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Chad at College Boy Physicals says,

My neck was bothering me and I don’t know what I did to it, but every way I turned it seemed to cause sharp pains to shoot through my body. I setup an appointment to go in to see the doctor at the local clinic for later that afternoon. Nurse Cindy took me back to one of the exam rooms and Dr. Toppinbottom was already in there waiting for me. I told him what I was feeling and he wanted to get started by just doing a physical and checking my body overall. He had me take off my shirt, and listened to my chest, and then had me set back on the table. Helping to undo my pants as soon as he had my pants unbuttoned I thought that maybe something was wrong when he put on a pair of gloves. He reached down underneath my boxers and started to feel around for any swelling. That was when he gave me the orders to strip out of my clothes. He examined my skin very closely and looked all around my cock and balls. Probably the most interesting part was when he had me put my butt further down on the table and started to spread my asshole wide open. He said that he wanted to take a deeper look and to do that he took my dick into his mouth and started to suck. (MORE)


When Dr. Toppinbottom said that he wanted to go inside, I didn’t exactly know what he meant by that. He applied some liquid to his hand and then very quickly he moved to putting his finger in my asshole. It felt good, but a little odd as well at the same time. Continuing with the fingering, the Doc also sucked my dick getting me even more turned on. My dick was raging hard Dr. Toppinbottom concentrating on fingering my asshole, and changed up the pace in doing it. Looking down at me, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind going back to sucking on my dick as well. He did and I couldn’t help, but asked if he liked what he was sucking on. If one thing was for sure the Doc knew how to use his mouth. Licking and on my balls and pumping my dick in his hand this was great. (MORE)


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