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Dustin at College Boys Physicals says,

Nurse Ajay had me come back into the clinic after I passed my exam, because he figured that I was a good match to be one of the special candidates that the doctor was looking for. I came into the clinic and one of the nurses took me back to one of the exam rooms. That is where I sat for a while waiting for the doctor. Finally, there was a knock at the door and the doctor introduced himself as Dr. Phingerphuk walked into the room. He said that he would like to pay me to have some experimental treatments done. (MORE)


Dr. Phingerphuk applied some lube to my dick, and started to stroke me off to get the blood flowing in it. Once my dick was covered, and the pump was all hooked up he put it over my dick and started to squeeze the trigger. After a couple of pumps, he started to stroke the tube with his hands. Watching the tube with my eyes glued to it, my dick got the biggest I have ever seen it. After a few more minutes, my dick was full of blood and seemed to slow down. Dr. Phingerphuk hooked up the handle, in order to get the pump off. The Doc stroked my dick using lube and his gloves. He told me to put my legs up in the stirrups and move to the end of the table.  (MORE)


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Aaron at College Boys Physicals says,

I had to wait while Nurse Ajay went to turn in my sperm sample to the lab and grab the doctor that was on duty. Returning with a doctor following in his footsteps, he introduced him as Dr. Rimmerman. What Rimmerman said was that Nurse Ajay, had just got certified as a Nurse Practitioner and that I was going to be his first patient to perform more of the exam on. Dr. Rimmerman was going to be a shadow in the room, in case he needed to jump in. I was getting a little nervous about the exam, but they both told me that I didn’t have anything to worry about. (MORE)


Dr. Rimmerman told me to get up on my knees and get my ass up in the air. It must have been an easier position for Ajay’s tongue, because he seemed to be able to lick my hole a lot easier. The doc told me that he was going to give me something to do to keep my mind off what Ajay was doing. Stripping out of his pants and underwear he climbed up on the exam table and put his cock in front of my face. After a while of the little train of action we had going on, Rimmerman told Ajay that he would show him how to do an anal exam. Switching us all around on the table into different positions. Ajay laid down on the table on his back, while I sat over him facing the Doc. Ajay was enjoying the rim job by the Doc, and after a moment I was told to get down on my feet. Standing there, he had me bend over the table and Ajay kept his face glued to my ass, licking it, biting it, and eating every bit of it. Causing me to moan, and want it even more. I sucked on Dr. Rimmerman’s dick trying to see if I could keep up hard as a rock.  (MORE)


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David at College Boys Physicals says,

Making the table a little more comfortable for me to sit up, Rimmerman continued to check me out. Doing some leg extensions on each leg. Next, he proceeded to put on a pair of rubber gloves in order to check out some of my body parts. He explained to me that he used to be the doctor at the clinic, but had to take a break due to some health issues. However, now he had came back and was better than ever. Standing up, he helped me drop my shorts, and he took my blood pressure. I asked him if it was okay, and he said that I was perfectly healthy. Taking my temperature was no big deal, and I tried to crack a joke with him. Going back to standing at the end of the exam table, the Doc pulled down my underwear. I asked him if the female nurse was going to come in, and he said that she was off. Being stripped of all my clothes, I returned to the table, and Dr. Rimmerman started to touch and rub my body. (MORE)


The Doc told me that he did this with all of the soccer players, and so I relaxed a little bit more. As he was rubbing my chest and stomach area, his hands would slid further south, touching my dick on occasion. I asked him if we were done, but he said no and to just relax. Readjusting on the table, Rimmerman had me move to the end of the exam table, and he was touching me in ways that no one else ever has. Pulling me close to his body, and I didn’t know what was going to happen. The Doc was getting hot, so he took off his shirts to give him some relief. Rubbing and moving my balls around, he asked me to hold them up while he inspected down below. I had no idea what he was looking for, since I didn’t complain about anything. However, the touching was starting to feel good, and I didn’t really want him to know that. He told me that he would use a tool, and a few seconds later I realized that it was his tongue that was against my hole. He asked me how it felt, and I told him good. (MORE)


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Trey at College Boys Physicals says,

Sitting in the exam room I was waiting for the doctor to come in after Nurse AJ finished his portion of the exam that he had to do. While I was waiting I looked through the only two magazines that there was on the counter. My eyes wondered around the room reading all the posters that they had hanging for patients. I was a little frustrated that no one had come to check on me. I just sat on the exam table naked the way that I was told to stay for the doctor thinking about all the things that I had to do for the rest of the day. I heard a knock at the door and peeking into the room was Nurse AJ. He walked in and was wondering what was holding the doctor up. I told him that the doctor never came in and he said that he would go check it out. As he returned, AJ explained that the doctor was very behind and that he would just try to wrap up the rest of my exam, so that I could get to my class in a half hour.  (MORE)


Turning to put the chart down on the table, he took a hold of my cock, and started to give me head. I asked him if he wanted to get two sperm samples out of me for the day, and he said yes. I sat back and enjoyed the blow job I was getting. My cock was rock hard in no time, and AJ paused for a moment to take off his shirt. Continuing to give me head, he was very good at using his whole mouth. I noticed that AJ was pulling down his pants and underwear, revealing that his cock was hard and pointing forward. He was great at giving head, and seemed to be turned on doing so. I tried reaching for his cock to jerk him off at the same time. After a while AJ told me that he would need to continue checking me out, so that he could move on to his other exams he would have to perform. Reaching back behind the table he was grabbing a couple of things, and he told me at the same time that he wanted to make sure that everything was working okay.  (MORE)


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Sean at College Boys Physicals says,

Perfection was something that the clinic was trying to come up with when it came down to their sexual drug that they were developing. They had asked both Eric and I to come in for another test, which would probably be our last to see if they had it right this time. Since we had both been there so many times before we were able to walk right up to the nurse when we arrived, and go straight back to an exam room. That is when Dr. James came in and said what was going to take place. He gave us both two tablespoons of the medicine and then he had us wait a few minutes to see what would take place. He left the room and we both just sat there. Knowing what was about to come, we both felt our bodies start to get warmer. A horny affect started taking place and the two of us started to make out. (MORE)


I asked Eric if he wanted to suck my dick after we kissed for a few minutes and he didn’t turn down the opportunity. Once my body was stripped of the clothing he placed my cock in his mouth and started to give me a blow job. He would pause for a moment and go for his own clothing and would touch himself at the same time. I helped him out so that he didn’t feel like he was doing all the work. I played with his cock while mine got a blow job, which the doctor walked in on. Eric stepped aside and the good doctor started to suck my cock even better than Eric. I was fighting to keep from having an orgasm; he then dropped to his knees to service Eric. My cock was raging hard, and I was very turned on by any touch or attention. The doctor took a seat on the exam table and he was in the middle of the two of us. Eric sucked the doctor while I got to get sucked by the doctor, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. (MORE)


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Brandon from College Boys Physicals says,

I went to the doctors for a routine checkup, because I hadn’t been in such a long time. When I was in the exam room, one of the new doctors, Dr. James came in to perform the physical for me. He took down my basic stat and history information from me. Dr. James had me take off my shirt, so that he could listen to my heart and lungs. Then, I had to remove my shoes and pants for the Dr. and he had me lay down for him to continue. Testing my reflexes he checked my legs bending them forward towards my chest. Palpating my stomach, he hurried the exam along he took down my underwear. Putting on a pair of gloves and then he felt my testicals! (MORE)


The doctor wanted me to turn over and that is when he had me up on my knees. He then inserted his finger in my asshole to feel my prostate. I was a little shocked at first, because it had been a very long time since I last had anything up there. He only fingered me for a minute before he had me turned back around. Touching my cock, he asked me how much I jerked off and had sex. He told me that he thought that I had a build up down there and he wanted to help me out. Jerking me off he was able to get me hard and he wanted to continue. Then lowering his mouth to my cock, Dr. James started to give me head. It felt great to have his warm mouth on my dick. (MORE)


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Holden at College Boys Physicals says,

I don’t have any insurance with the rise in cost and I just don’t have money to blow on more bills. When I signed up for college they allow me to be covered through their program so I was actually going to be able to see a real doctor. Once I got my card in the mail, I called up the school clinic and made an appointment to see one of its physician’s. When I arrived to the clinic I had all those damn ass forms to fill out, but then a nurse took me back to a room where I sat and waited for a doctor to come in. After a few minutes, Dr. James came in and introduced himself to me. He took down some of my basic stat information and some medical history from me. (MORE)


Dr. James started the exam by having me remove my shirt so that he could listen to my heart and lungs. He asked me how much I had been smoking and honestly I am going to lie to the doctor a little bit, I didn’t want him to really know how bad I had been. Keeping the exam going he had me take off my shoes and pants. I got back up on the table and he listened to my lungs again and gave me a lecture about smoking. He then palpated my stomach, and felt my lower abdomen. Dr. James asked me to take off my underwear so that he could examine my testicles. His hands felt very weird as he felt my dick, but he said that there was nothing out of the ordinary. Turning over like he asked he wanted to feel my prostate. He lubed up his finger and stuck it in my ass. Now, that was a little odd, but it had been a while since I had been in the doctors. I just closed my eyes as his finger entered my asshole. (MORE)


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Morgan at College Boys Physicals says,

I had twisted my ankle while playing football with some friends messing around in a park, and I got stuck using crutches for a week. Going in for a follow-up visit I was seeing a different doctor than the one who saw me before. The nurse showed me back to the room and I took a seat on the exam table while Dr. James started to take a look at me. He had me lay back and he helped me take off my shorts. Squeezing my legs he proceeded to see if my ankle was better. Taking off my shirt he listened to my lungs on the different sides. He palpated my stomach, and examined my genitals. For this Dr. James put on some rubber gloves, and started to squeeze my dick and balls. The doctor told me that he was going to need to take my temperature, but for this he needed me to get on all fours. That shocked me a little bit, but I wasn’t going to argue with him. As the thermometer slid into my ass it was a very odd feeling, but I just put up with the discomfort. (MORE)


Turning over on my back the doctor saw that I had a boner, and he started to touch my dick once more. He then bent over and took my cock in his mouth. I was very shocked that the doctor would want to suck on my cock. Does he do this with all his patients or was I just one of the lucky ones? I can say that the doctor was very talented with his mouth, and giving head. I laid there just enjoying what was going on. Part of me knew this was weird, but I was ok with that. The doctor paused for a moment and asked me if it was ok for him to finish me off. I told him that was fine, as he reached for the lube. Jerking me off, all I had to do was lay there. (MORE)


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