Monthly Archives: January 2012

Diego with our doctor

The winter season had finally decided to focus its frigid eyes down south. I’ve had a deluge of boys coming into my office complaining about feeling a little under the weather. I was happy to help each and every one of them the best I could and Diego here was no exception. The boy must have been a good five foot eight inches. He had an adorable slim frame with a cute bubble butt that was asking to be played with. He came in today telling me what I had heard all week from so many other young men coming into the clinic that he had a sore throat and headache and was in desperate need of some relief.

Are you really a doc, doc?

Oh, I would give him some relief alright, I thought while I smiled to myself. I had him take off his shirt and shorts while I started the usual examination starting by testing out his reflexes. Then I checked his heart and lungs followed by having him get on the scale. Once I was done with all the fluff wanted to get right down to business. I had him get on all fours on the examination table so that I could insert a rectal thermometer in him. Diego seemed somewhat hesitant but he got on all fours and popped that ass back as the thermometer eased its way in.

Doctor sucking on Diego's cock