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Ramon had been into the office a few weeks ago to get his normal physical, but now he was having trouble sleeping so he decided to come back in for a check up. His normal doctor wasn’t into the office so he saw Dr. Cooper. The good, horny doctor took one look at hot, exotic, athletic Ramon and he had an idea what his problem was. He told Ramon to strip naked down so he could give him a full exam.

Doctor Sucking College Boy

Doctor Sucking College Boy

Ramon was relaxed and not shy getting naked. Dr. Cooper gave him a full exam and checked him out fully. He had him lay down on the exam table, slipped his underwear off and gave his balls a full exam. The doc knew that all Ramon needed to get the sleep he was after was to have a nice, solid orgasm. He reached down with one hand and massaged Ramon’s balls while taking hold of his cock with the other and starting to stroke it.

Ramon arched his back and let out a moan of pleasure as Dr. Cooper leaned in and wrapped his mouth around Ramon’s cock. He started sucking him slowly, stroking his shaft and getting him so throbbing hard that he felt like he was going to explode. Ramon was so turned on he wanted to return the favor so he stood up, yanked the doctor’s pants down, bent him over and ate his his ass from behind.

After tossing the doctor’s Ramon went to his knees and sucked Dr. Cooper’s cock. The doctor could have let him stay down there for a year, but he knew that it was Ramon who was hear for treatment so he laid him back down on the exam table, gripped his dick and stroked it while working his nuts with the other hand. Ramon was so worked up it only took a few good strokes and came so hard his entire body was awash in tremors of pleasure. Ramon slept like a baby that night.