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College Boy Physicals says,

It was great to see Santos back. I knew he was really desperate to get out of gym and take up his new class in art. Santos is this really hot Latino guy that has a really nice smooth body with a nice 8.5 uncut cock that is ready for my experiment. I took me a while to perfect but this is the first time I would have used my new experimental toy on anyone else except for me. I checked his vitals one last time and I also check his body temperature. I like taking the temperature rectally so I had him turn around and place his butt up on the exam table. I inserted the thermometer into his ass and then checked his penis and balls. His temperature was normal and then I proceeded with the experiment. I felt around his penis and testicles and then introduced him to my new toy. (MORE)


It as a new & improved dildo designed by a special team of doctors to create the ultimate dildo for both Males & Females. I lubed up his ass and the dildo and slowly inserted the device into his tight hole. Once in and secure, I turned on the power and it was teasing his prostrate and this kept him hard. While inserted, I felt his cock and stroked it for a while I then increase the power because his ass was so tight, the motor sounded like it had troubles working. Once I increase the speed of the dildo, it really made him moan and groan…He took a hold of his cock and kept on stroking it as I was now inserting the dildo and fucking Santos with the dildo as if it was my own cock. I then wanted to really see if the dildo can work, I increase the power even more and this drove him nuts. I then held his nuts in place and was inserting the dildo. This boy was really riding this thing as he stroked so hard his cock blew up and erupted with cum flying all over the place, it was like a stream of jizz flying everywhere. (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals says,

It was around 2:30pm and I was almost completed with my patients. My last patient of the day was Santos, I enter the room and there waiting for me was a cute slender latino guy. I asked him way he’s here and he told me that he wants to get out of his gym class because he wants to enroll in art. He needed a note from me to release him from his athletic class so he can enroll in the art class. (MORE)


I had him remove his shirt and he had a really nice smooth toned body. He was a bit nervous because I gave him a deal. For me to give him the not to get out of gym, he had to endure one of my sexual experiments. This experiment would be conducted on his next visit but this visit I wanted to make sure he was nice and healthy. I first listen to his heart and then check out his vitals which he look very healthy. I then had him remove the rest of his clothes making sure he leaves his undies on. I then felt around his lower stomach and groin area to make sure everything is in order. Part of my experiment is with this new sex toy I’m developing so I wanted to inspect his penis a lot more. (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals says,

Again Ashton is here in the exam room. I’m tired of seeing this boy and I know he’s up to something and he continues to ask me for a prescription for Viagra. I don’t have the heart to ignore him because Ashton is so cute. He has a nice smooth toned body and although his a bit rough around the edges with his tattoos and such…he has nice eyes and I love his mouth and his body so I guess I keep on seeing him as a patient due to the fact I think he’s cute. (MORE)


Ashton is a hot 19 year old guy, 5’11, straight boy that weighs in about 145lbs. Ashton is waiting again on the exam table as I enter the room. I check over his chart and I can’t believe he went through those pills I gave him. I think he’s selling them to his friends so this time I’m going to make him work for his pills. I again start out checking his heart which seems to be normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. I give him a basic exam and everything seems to be in working order. At this time, I figured I’m going to test his limits and I have him place on a condom and I bend over on the exam table and have Ashton fuck me in the ass. I wanted to test to see how strong his cock was and to see if it can go into my ass. (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals says,

Nelson came back for his follow up visit and still complaining about his insomnia and that he really can’t sleep. Dr. Toppinbottom can’t figure out why he’s having problems sleeping. Everything seems to be normal and nothing out of the ordinary. The doctor decides to really find out whats wrong and does a more indepth exam on Nelson. (MORE)


I started again with Nelson’s vital signs and double checked his throat and his ears and once again listen to his heart. This time I also double checked his blood pressure and that seemed to be normal as well. I didn’t know what the problem is and why Nelson couldn’t sleep at night so I continued with my exam and had Nelson lay back and again I checked his genitals and made sure everything was good down there. Nelson gets erections very easily and so I decided once again to test his penis and thoroughly examine is dick, I inserted it into my mouth and starting sucking it once again. I also had him turn around and decided to check his back and spin since that sometimes can effect a persons sleeping habits. As I was checking his back, I notice Nelson had a really hot ass and I figured to examine that was well.  (MORE)


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