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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today I was doing my rounds and my next patient was Nelson. He has been to the clinic before when Dr. PhingerPhuk did some extensive exams on him…I was checking out his file and Nelson is a real freak so I was totally excited to meet him for the first time. When I entered the exam room, Nelson was on the exam table waiting for me and I introduced myself and he explained that he was having a problem sleeping and has been suffering from insomnia. For the past few days, Nelson couldn’t fall asleep so he decided to come into the clinic and get it checked out. (MORE)


Nelson is a 20 year old college student that is 5’10 with a 32 inch waist and weighs about 155lbs. He has a nice toned body, he seems to keep in shape. I checked out his ears and that seem to be normal and then I listen to his heart and that was doing just fine as well. It seems Nelson is a healthy young boy so I must continue my examination on him. I had him lay down and I palpated his chest and his lower abdomen working my hands down to his pants. I unbuttoned his pants and felt around his upper pubic area. Then I asked him to remove his pants and undies so I can further check him out. Once back on the exam table, nude, I felt his genitals and palpated his penis. I wanted to examine his penis while erect so I inserted his penis into my warm mouth as I teased his dick with my tongue and started to suck his now throbbing hard cock. Nelson has a beautiful 8.5 inch cut cock which I continued to suck. He suggested to suck my dick and I got undressed and had Nelson suck my cock for a while. I figure this endurance work out would give Nelson some good. When I was learning my sexual medical techniques in the foreign land, it was said that if a man jerks off before bed or encages in sex, he will sleep much better. This was the idea for my exam with Nelson and since I knew he was a sexual deviant, he would enjoy my type of exam. He mention to me about doing yoga for exercise so I had him do some karma sutra moves and we did a sixty-nine on the exam table. (MORE)


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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

My next patient for the day was a repeat patient that Dr. Dick and Dr. Phingerphuk already examined. He has a prescription for Viagra and I just don’t understand a young man like him would do with Viagra. The patient was waiting and as I entered the room I notice this was a really hot boy….his eyes blue, skin smooth and he had a really nice built. I see lots of college kids but this boy was beautiful and I couldn’t wait to examine him. Ashton was a bit rude and nasty and bitched that the last doctor gave him a prescription to viagra for just only 3 pills and it was several weeks since his last visit so Ashton really went through the pills. As a doctor I wanted to find out why a boy his age of 19 would need such pills. He explained that since he’s a party college kid, that when he got wasted, he uses the pills to give him a boost so he can fuck all the girls. I told him that could be dangerous and the pills shouldn’t be use that way and since its a blood thinner and it can effect the heart, I told him to remove his shirt so I can listen to his heart. Its seem to be beating normally and no complications. I then asked the patient to remove his clothes and then I proceeded to examine his penis very thoroughly. Of course this is a unconventional clinic so with years of practice and placed his cock into my mouth and proceed to suck his cock. I have this amazing dick sucking skills that I learned overseas at another clinic and my patient was really enjoying my technique that I’ve learned and mastered over the years. I kept on sucking him and keeping him on the edge and I didn’t allow my hot badboy patient to cum so fast. I mentioned to him that he didn’t seem to have a problem…so he begged me and gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. (MORE)


I then removed my clothes and he started sucking my cock. I told him if he does a really good job, that I will reward him and he would have to prove to me and give me a great blowjob to earn his prescription to viagra. Ashton really wanted those pills because he sucked my cock just as good as me, and I’m skilled and experienced. I’m laying on the exam table with this hot bi-curious so called “straightboy” slurping on my cock and jerking me off…I grabbed his cock and stroked as he was sucking and licking my balls. His dick was super hard and so was mine…it was just a matter when one of us was going to cum…as he continued to suck and tease my dick…my dick was really throbbing and I wanted to cum oh so bad with each lick and stroke and suck…I wanted to blow my load…but I kept holding on and continued to stroke his cock and his muscles tightend up his balls got tight and as I stroked harder and faster, spews of hot cum spurted out as he had a very hard orgasm as I continued to stroke. (MORE)


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Ashoton at College Boy Physicals says,

My next patient was this 19 year bad boy named Ashton. Dr.Dick had already gave him his first exam but wanted me to do the follow up. For some reason, this boy is requesting Viagra at such a young age so we decided to conduct a few test to see if he is worth of a prescription. I went into the room as the patient was waiting and I introduced myself. I quickly checked his vitals and then got down to the intensive part of the exam. Once naked on the exam table. I felt around his penis and testicles and then told him I was going to check his prostrate. I think this was the first time this boy had his prostrate examined and pre-cum started oozing out of his cock. I massaged his prostrate for a few moments and the took my finger out and started stroking his semi-hard cock. Once erect and examined his penis and then decided to place the electro bands on his cock but also insert the electro probe into his anus to stimulate both his cock and prostrate. (MORE)


After inserting the devices, I turned up the electrostimuation machine and let the current flow onto his prostrate and cock. He was really getting into it as I was controlling his sexual urges with the stimulation box. If his dick wasn’t being stimulated, his cock was and both at the same time. I was really giving him the juice as the current was flowing nice onto both parts of his genitals. I decided to remove the electro bands and manually stroke his cock but leaving the electro probe. I turned up the probe and lubed my hands took a firm grip of his cock and started stroking him and teasing his cock. As the anal prob was stimulating his prostrate, I can feel is cock was rock hard and throbbing. Before long he let out a big moan and shot his creamy load shooting streams of hot jets of cum all over his body and shivering from the intense orgasm he just received. I gave him a prescription to the Viagra, but only limited the amount he has so he will return for another visit. (MORE)


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Dr. Dick at College Boy Physicals says,

It was a busy day in the in the clinic and I was making my rounds. I had a new patient named Ashton. I opened the exam door and sitting on the exam table was a really hot 19 year old college boy sitting waiting for me. I introduced myself and asked him what he’s doing here in the clinic. He tells me that he wants a subscription of Viagra to have. I basically was a bit in shock that some 19 year old is requesting Viagra. I told him that we don’t hand out Viagra like it was candy and that he would have to go through a series of tests before we issue him any pills. With that, I started giving him the basic exam checking his heart, throat and blood pressure. I asked Ashton when was the last time he had a doctors visit and it seem like many years ago…too long. I wanted to make sure his exam was very thorough. After listening to his heart I had him lay down and I lowered the exam table. I palpated his chest working my way down to his pubic area. I unbuttoned his pants and felt around inside his undies. I then had him lift up his hips and removed his pants and then continued feeling around. I then removed his underwear feeling his testicles and palpating the shaft of his penis…I stroked it a few times and he got very hard and throbbing. (MORE)


Ashton seem to enjoy my handjob techniques but I didn’t want to make him cum. Since we wanted pills I told him that part of the test to determine if you need Viagra is to test his endurance. I prepared Ashton for electro-stimulation. His dick was very hard and I took the blue straps and slid them onto his penis. One positive and one negative band were now firmly wrapped around his hard cock. I turned on the electro device and turned up the power and steady jolts of electro impulses were now teasing his cock. I felt around his shaft and his dick was nice and firm. As I held onto his cock I can feel it throb and twitch in my hands. I stroked his cock while the electro impulses were teasing his cock. Then I took off the straps and lubed up my hands and wrapped my hands and took a firm grip of his cock as I stroked up & down. His breathing starting to get harder, his stomach was tensing up and he started to moan a bit. As I kept on stroking, he eyes rolled back and he couldn’t help himself as the grip of my hands were pounding on his cock and stroking non-stop. His dick head got really fat, and he started cumming fresh streams of cum, spurting out until I stoked every last drop of seamen from his balls. He had some intense orgasm as his body shook. Ashton that it would be that easy and asked for the pills…but I told him he has to make another appointment to see Dr.Phingerphuk next week. Lets see how far Ashton will go to score a subscription of Viagra. (MORE)


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