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Ty at College Boy Physicals says,

After Nurse Ajay left the room he said that Dr. Rimmerman would be in soon to talk with me. As I sat there on the table for about 5 or 10 minutes there was a knock at the door, and it was the doctor. He came in and introduced himself, and picked up the clip board of all the information that Nurse Ajay took down about me. In looking at the form, the Doc said that Ajay didn’t put any notes down about why I was there. When he asked why I started telling him about when I was 14, and he stopped me right away. He just wanted to make sure that I didn’t come in for anything physical first. When I said no, he said that was fine, and he rearranged the chairs for us to talk. That was when I started telling him about when I was 14 and a friend who was bi/gay showed me his cock for the first time. I am straight and have been with my girlfriend Kate for about 3 years now, but I still get excited thinking about that cock. I just have no idea about how I would explore that side, for the fact that I had only been with girls. There is no way for me to talk about this with any of my friends, because of them being straight as well they might freak out. (MORE)


Dr. Rimmerman said that we were going to do an exercise and he was going to take me back when I was 14. Tapping on a clipboard he wanted me to go back to that day that I was in the basement. Picturing everything in my head, I saw the cock again and he put his dick in my mouth. Sucking it I didn’t know what to think or what to do, just to go with the moment. He ended up shooting his load in my mouth and that was hot and dirty at the same time. The Doc tapped on his clipboard four times for me to wake up and come back. When I woke up to being in that exam room, Dr. Rimmerman said that what we talk about was safe and can’t be shared with anyone else. He explained that he was going to show me his dick and that he wanted to see how I felt. Starting with his shirt he took it off, and then dropped his pants. Underneath he had on a pair of white boxer briefs that really showed his cock. I could see its shape right in front of me, and I just wanted to reach out and touch it. Having it there was making me horny and excited to get it in my mouth. The doc pulled down the briefs and there was his cock hanging there. His pubic hair was nicely trimmed and shaved showing off his thick cock. (MORE)


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Tucker at College Boy Physicals says,

I was starting to experience some anxiety issues, and so I called the doctor’s office to see if I could get in. They set me up to see Dr. Rimmerman, but when I showed up for the exam he seemed to be a little overbooked. Nurse Ajay took me back to the exam room to get started to see if he could help speed up the wait. He started by asking me some general questions. I responded with telling him that I am 20 years old, 5’11″ and 170 lbs. The nurse was respectful when I basically told him that I just wanted to tell the Doc why I was in. Continuing on filling out his form, he asked me to take off my shirt to listen to my heart rate. Taking it off, I throw it to the side, and he took a listen. Next on his list was my blood pressure, which I knew would be awesome since I am in great shape. Ajay commented on my body, and made fun of how much ear wax I had. Putting on a glove, he made small talk about my going to school as he did things. Sticking a tongue depressor in my mouth he took a look. Feeling my throat he was checking my glands to see if they were swollen. (MORE)


To take my temperature he asked me to finish stripping down out of my clothes. I stood up and took off my jeans and underwear. Climbing onto the table, I had to get on all fours as he was preparing the thermometer. He inserted it into my asshole very slowly and spun it around. When he told me that I had a normal temperature, I turned back over and took a seat on the table. Nurse Ajay started to feel my balls, and did the turn your head and cough test. He felt around the area with his hands, and I told him that I was feeling fine. Ajay took off his gloves off and said that he was going to continue to massage the area. Picking up my cock in his hand he started to pull on the shaft of my dick. As he played with my cock, I told him that there was no pain. He responded by telling me to relax, I put my head back and kept my eyes closed to try and envision some fantasy in my head. When he said that this part of the exam was normal, I responded with telling him that I trusted him. (MORE)


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Ajay at College Boy Physicals says,

A yearly physical is required at our campus if you play a sport, and live on campus in one of the dorm rooms. Since I was joining the wrestling team, I knew that there was going to be no way that I could get it done by my normal doctor. So, I made an appointment to just go into the school’s clinic to have it done. When I setup the appointment they told me that one of the nurses would do the exam, because they were so backed up. I didn’t really care who it was. When I arrived a couple days later for my exam, I had this male nurse that was going to give me the exam. He started out asking me some basic information, and then moved on to taking my blood pressure. Nurse Ajay was making a lot of small talk while he preformed the tasks. To listen to my heart rate he had me take off my shirt, and he listened while I took a couple of deep breaths. (MORE)


When things got to the point that he asked me to take off my pants this was always something that made me a little self-conscious about my body. I pulled my pants off, and underneath I had on my jock strap. I was going to have practice after the physical and I was just trying to cut down on having to do a bunch of changing. Getting back up on the exam table, Ajay said that he just wanted to make sure that everything was okay. Lifting up the waist band he started to feel around. His hand worked its way to my dick where he started to do a little more touching. Then, as he was starting to pull up on my dick he asked if it felt good. I had never had a doctor ask me that. But, how was I going to lie to something that did feel good. I said yes, and just kept looking up at him. As my underwear came off all the way leaving me naked on the table, Ajay continued to play with my cock. Getting me hard and it wasn’t complicated considering that I was horny as hell. To make sure that it was working okay, he told me that he was going to put my dick in his mouth. (MORE)


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William at College Boy Physicals says,

I went into the doctor’s because I was coughing a lot, and it wasn’t going away on its own. The doctor came into the room, and introduced himself before starting the exam to see what was going on. He had me remove my shirt and took my blood pressure. My blood pressure results were normal, and so he started to take down some notes about my symptoms. Listening to my heart the doctor was very good at explaining what he was doing and why. He made me very comfortable with everything that he was doing, and he could tell that had some flem in the throat. (MORE)


The doctor had me strip down to my boxers, and take a seat back onto the exam table. He began checking out the rest of my body, by first palpating my upper body. Taking his time he worked his way around my body and could tell that I work a lot on my computer, and play sports. Testing my reflexes he moved my legs up and down and then worked on my arms. Looking for hernias he had me drop my boxers, and then he began to exam my cock and balls with gloves on. He made sure to take his time and feeling around my testicals. I watched him and hoped that he wouldn’t notice that I was precumming a little with all the touching that he was doing down there. However, he didn’t say anything, but did touch the cum. (MORE)


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Alex at College Boy Physicals says,

I transferred to a university in southern Florida to go to school as in exchange student from Spain. And one of the requirements when I got there was that I had to have a physical at the school’s clinic. I made an appointment and when I went in my appointment was with Dr. James. He was very nice, and started with taking my blood pressure. He told me that it was normal range for my age. Dr. James had me take off my shirt and he listened to my heart and lungs to make sure they were ok as well. Palpating my stomach, he tried to see if I had any tender areas. Slipping his hand in my waist band, there was still no trouble areas. He had me remove my shorts and pants to be naked for the next part of the exam. (MORE)


To do this I stood up off the exam table and was a little self-concuss about him seeing my cock. With my hand I tried to cover it up, so that he didn’t see how tiny my cock was, because of the temperature of the room. Examining my testacies he felt them all over, to see if there were any lumps. To take my temperature he had me roll over on my stomach and inserted a thermometer in my ass to get the most accurate reading. As soon as he saw that I was fine, he wanted to continue on by checking out my prostate. Slowly he slid a finger in my tight asshole, and moved it towards my cock. I have to admit that it was kind of weird having a doctor do this to me for the first time. (MORE)


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