Alex at College Boy Physicals says,

I was feeling really horny so I made an appointment to go back to see the doc. I had a really great time at the docs office in the past and I wanted to speak to him regarding fucking guys. I never really had sex with guys before, but since my visits with the doc, I started to explore my sexuality. I was nervous to speak to the doc but he seem to be really cool and had no problems when it comes to sex. I heard stories around the college campus that the clinic is notorious for deviant behavior and all kinds of sexual experimentation. I entered the exam room and my favorite doc was there, Dr. Topinbotom. I told him that I wanted to speak to him about anal and having sex with guys and the doc was very helpful with me learning the “ropes”. He had be get up on the exam table and made me undress and then he wanted me to get hard. I was nervous and my hands were really cold, I told the doc so wasting no time, he went down and started sucking my cock. I never had a doc nor another guy suck my cock….and he really did much better then the girls I’ve had in the past. I was always shy about sex so this trip to the doctors office really helped me out a lot to open up. I was getting confused and started questioning my sexual tastes. I really enjoyed how the doc sucks cock…taking full charge of my cock he started sucking and jerking me off. My dick became super hard and sensitive and then the doc told me its time to fuck! (MORE)


I got off the exam table and place a condom on and the doc bent over the table as I slid my lubed cock into his tight asshole. It felt really strange at first but once I got the hang of it, I started to fuck the doc really good. My dick felt really nice going in & out of the docs tight ass that my dick got more sensitive and harder…after a few moments and that position, the doc told me that he was going to flip over onto his back and put up the stirrups and for me to continue fucking him. At this point the doc was loosened up and my dick was as hard and stronger then ever…I fucked the doc even harder while he was stoking himself off…I really fucked him good! After my pounding, the doc couldn’t help it and as I was fucking him, the doc started shooting his cum, for me it felt really good as I felt the doc ass muscles clinch down on my cock as he came. I couldn’t help it any longer and I was about to cum, so I took out my cock and took off my condom and stroked my dick, cumming all over the do. I had a really great time at the docs and I felt a lot more comfortable with my sexuality. I just hope I’m able to have fun with guys and girls without the docs help. (MORE)


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Alex at College Boy Physicals says,

After the last time I was excited but nervous to come back for my follow-up exam. I wasn’t sure this time what the doc had in-store for me. My hand still hurt and I still kept the bandage on my hand. When I got into the exam room, the doc was there and he seem to be excited to see me back. He took my weight and listen to my heart and felt around my abdomen…he said I was a little hot so he took my temperature…I didn’t realize that he was going to place the thermometer up my anus. He lubed the thermometer and had me remove my undies and bend over the exam table. I felt a cold greasy thermometer being inserted into my rectum. He kept it there for a while and then removed it from my asshole. He said it was normal but I guess I was hot due to the fact I was nervous. The doc then proceeded to look at my hand and he took the bandage off and hand me move my hand in certain directions. He then placed some lotion on my wrists and messaged the lotion into my skin. At first it kinda of hurt but as he kept on moving and messaging my wrists, it started to feel better. He had my make a fist and hand me move my wrist and arm up and down. He then wanted to test the strength of my hands and wrist and before I knew it, the doc took off all his clothes got on the exam table and the doc instructed me to place my hand and wrap it around his cock and start stroking. It felt really good to have his throbbing cock in my hand and I really enjoyed slowly jerking him off… (MORE)


I got a bit more bold and then started sucking his cock and balls really good. The docs dick tasted so good and I used his precum for lube….I was driving the doc insane because I guess I was teasing his cock too much that I stroked it some more and he shot his load all over the place. I couldn’t believe how much cum was squirting out of the doctors dick. After he came, he then told me to get back on the exam and he proceeded to sock my cock and stroke me. By know my dick is really sensitive and it felt good and kinda of hurt when the doc was stroking. I got really rock hard and my dick was leaking pre-cum and ass he continued to stroke, my hard cock couldn’t take the torture of the docs firm grip around my cock then eventually I shot my load. I really didn’t expect to be that much…but I shot a really large load and then the doc tells me I have to come back. I wonder what the doc has in-store for me next? (MORE)


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Alex at College Boy Physicals says,

Hi my name is Alex and I have been experiencing some really bad pains in my wrist. A friend of mine told me that I may have carpool tunnel syndrome and that I should visit the clinic to see if one of the doctors can help me out. I was escorted into one of the exams room waiting to see the doctor. The door open and the doctor enters introducing himself as Dr. Toppinbotom, I thought what a strange name and he asked me a few basic questions and then he started listening to my heart, and then my blood pressure and did all the basic stuff that I was familiar with. He took my weight and checked my nose and throat. I told him I just got over a cold a few weeks ago so he felt around my throat for any swelling but everything seem to be in order and everything checked out. The doc then lowered the exam table and had me lay down as he unbutton my pants. I wasn’t expecting him to check “down there” as he placed his hands under my waistband of my undies to examine my lower stomach area and the base of my dick. It kind of felt good in away but a bit surprising since I came in for him to check my hand, but whatever…I let him do his treatment and thought it was part of the basic exam. The doc told me that this was a different type of clinic and started to stroke and suck my cock…I know I heard stories about this clinic but I didn’t expect him to suck my cock. (MORE)


Since my hand hurt so much, I hadn’t jerk off or had sex for some time so this was a relief that I felt his hot tongue tease my cock head and I felt my dick swell up in his hot moist mouth. The doc really knows how to suck cock because I wasn’t sure if I should cum but for some reason, the doc was really teasing my dick. Everytime I felt like cumming, the doc would slow down…then he would speed up and I felt my cock throbb wanting to bust my nut really bad. He continued to suck on my cock teasing me, then he started stroking my cock. I never had anyone stroke and suck my cock like this before and never have came when somebody serviced me. But this doc really knew his technique and as he stroked my cock up and down, I couldn’t help it but to bust my load squirting hot jets of cum out of my cock! After the exam, the doc told me to come back for additional testing. I can’t wait to see the doc again! (MORE)


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Alex at College Boy Physicals says,

I transferred to a university in southern Florida to go to school as in exchange student from Spain. And one of the requirements when I got there was that I had to have a physical at the school’s clinic. I made an appointment and when I went in my appointment was with Dr. James. He was very nice, and started with taking my blood pressure. He told me that it was normal range for my age. Dr. James had me take off my shirt and he listened to my heart and lungs to make sure they were ok as well. Palpating my stomach, he tried to see if I had any tender areas. Slipping his hand in my waist band, there was still no trouble areas. He had me remove my shorts and pants to be naked for the next part of the exam. (MORE)


To do this I stood up off the exam table and was a little self-concuss about him seeing my cock. With my hand I tried to cover it up, so that he didn’t see how tiny my cock was, because of the temperature of the room. Examining my testacies he felt them all over, to see if there were any lumps. To take my temperature he had me roll over on my stomach and inserted a thermometer in my ass to get the most accurate reading. As soon as he saw that I was fine, he wanted to continue on by checking out my prostate. Slowly he slid a finger in my tight asshole, and moved it towards my cock. I have to admit that it was kind of weird having a doctor do this to me for the first time. (MORE)


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Alex at College Boy Physicals says,

I had to do a pledge to get into a fraternity and the boys dared me to go into the doctor’s office to get my prostate examined. Dr. Swallowcock was actually very cool about it and said that he would go along and help me out. I crawled up on the bed and he started to examine me with his stethoscope. I dropped my shorts and he had me come around to the end of the bed. Reaching into my pants he started to feel around and I took off my underwear for him to be able to get a better feel. (MORE)


He couldn’t tell if he felt something on my testicles so he had me get up on the bed and he got a better feel. He asked if he could help me relax and that he knew a couple of tricks to make that happen. The doctor lowered his warm mouth down to my cock and began to suck it. The doctor took off his lab coat and continued with licking my balls and giving my cock some well needed attention. Deep-throating was something that the doctor was very good at, taking it all in his mouth and leaving nothing out. The doctor had me hard and horny to get it on. (MORE)