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Austin at College Boy Physicals says,

Dr. Phingerpuck had me move down to the end of the exam table to where my ass was right on the edge of the table. The Doc used his fingers and applied a liquid to my hole, and I thought that maybe he was getting ready to take my temperature anally. They have done that before in the clinic and that wouldn’t surprise me much. However, it took me a moment before I realized what the Doc was doing. He directed his cock between my butt checks and the tip to go in my hole. As he pressed forward, I felt a little uncomfortable and with my hand I pushed him back so that he wouldn’t go that deep. Dr. Phingerphuck grabbed my hand and held it for a second while he started to fuck me. As he started to go faster I couldn’t help, but moan as it was my way of coping with the pain and discomfort. I will say though that my cock got harder from having his dick in my ass. (MORE)


The Doc seemed to get more turned on the harder he fucked my ass, and after a while he asked me to get down off the table. He instructed me to bend over the exam table and to stick out my ass for him to be able to continue. Since he had already been fucking me for several minutes he was able to get his dick right back into my ass and pound away. As he fucked me I tried not to jerk off too much, because I was unsure if he wanted to collect a sample and didn’t want to go through all of this for nothing. Although, as I jerked off it was a lot easier to keep my mind busy thinking about that. As he rubbed my body with his hands as he talked to me, Dr. Phingerphuck told me that I was going to get a chance to fuck him. I think that the Doc had a thing for my cock and that’s why he wanted it so bad in his ass. He assumed the position bending over the table, but he put one leg up on the table making it easier access to his hole. It was as we were fucking that he reached back to my leg and told me to slow down. That all the fucking we were doing was getting him close to climax. (MORE)


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Austin at College Boy Physicals says,

I went back into the clinic like Dr. Toppinbottom asked the last time I was in to see him. The request that he had was that I come in after an extensive workout so that he could look me over. As soon as I got to the clinic the nurse took me right back to one of the exam rooms and said that the Doc was right behind her. Dr. Toppinbottom asked me what kind of exercises I had just finished doing. I gave him the run down, and then he wanted to listen to my heart. After that he asked me if I had heard about the electro stimulation that they do in the clinic. When I told him that I have heard nothing, he said that it’s a painless procedure and that most people say that it’s more pleasurable. Dr. Toppinbottom showed me a couple of straps and then said that they would go around my cock, one towards the bottom and the other at the top. Then, they will pass some electro currents through my penis to stimulate it, and he would see if I was able to get off that way. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to get shocked. (MORE)


I dropped my swim trunks and hopping back onto the exam table. He said that my dick had to be hard in order for him to begin the procedure. To get me hard the Doc was going to give me an oral procedure, and that was his fancy way of saying that he was going to give me head. As he deep-throated my cock several times in a row I told him that he was doing a great job. Plus, made the remark that he had to love his job, and Dr. Toppinbottom said that he didn’t go through 7 years of medical school for nothing. By then he said my dick was hard enough and he reached for a bottle of lube. Stroking my dick a couple of times with the lube he then, put on the straps around my dick. Turning the machine on lightly it started to send these tiny tingling sensations through my cock. It was a slow process, but after a while I told the Doc that he could turn it up. That’s when I noticed that my dick was getting hard without anyone even touching it. (MORE)


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Austin at College Boy Physicals says,

Recently our swim team got a new coach and he happens to be a complete dick, and he at random would pick different teammates to go get cleared by the clinic to compete in any of our meets. Sure enough towards the end of one practice the coach pointed right at me, and told me to go get checked out. I didn’t want to wait to go, because I didn’t want to take a chance that I couldn’t do a walk-in appointment. I grabbed my towel and walked just across the way, because it was just the next building over. The nurse at the check-in counter was able to get me right in and from there she took me back to one of the exam rooms. Dr. Toppinbottom came in and introduced himself to me and looked over my chart. Starting with some general questions that then lead into the actual exam, and the first thing he did was listen to my heart and lungs. Then, I had to hop on the scale, but since I was in my swim briefs, my weight was right on. After that he looked in my ears, eyes, and throat for anything that would be alarming. (MORE)


Putting on a rubber glove he told me that he was going to do some palpations and he started around my lower abdominal area. From there he worked his way down and underneath my swim gear. The Doc worked his way around my dick and balls, before asking me to stand and drop them to the floor. Once I was standing there naked he looked over each ball very carefully, and my shaft. I had to turn my head and cough a few times, but that’s normal with a physical. It was then that Dr. Toppinbottom told me that he needed to collect a small sample from me and to do that he needed to get me stimulated. The Doc took my dick in his mouth and started to give me a blow job. What part that caught my attention the most was that he was actually very good at it. Using a combination of his mouth and hand my cock was hard and I was getting close to having an orgasm. Watching the Doc service my cock was hot and he seemed to enjoy having my cock in his mouth. (MORE)


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Shaun at College Boy Physicals says,

I was in several months ago for one of the clinic’s paid experiments and ever since then I haven’t been able to cum. My dick will get hard and I can do everything else, but I can’t seem to reach an orgasm and cum. It started at first happening every once in awhile and then increased to every time I jerked off or had sex. Finally, I just got so frustrated with my body, that I called the clinic up and made an appointment to go in and see the doctor. Sure enough the Doc that I was seeing was Dr. Phingerphuck the one that I did the experiment with. I explained the situation to him and he seemed to think that it was pretty easy to fix. He took down some general information and then asked me to remove my shirt. He listened to my heart and lungs for a minute, and then took my blood pressure. Afterward he said that it was a little high, but I told him that I had a cigarette before I came in. Next, the Doc asked me to take off my shoes and pants in order to take my weight. (MORE)


Standing on the scale in my underwear I was facing the wall away from the doctor and when he called out my weight it was a little less than I thought I weighed. Taking a seat back down on the exam table the Doc put on a pair of gloves in order to feel around my abdominal area. After that he asked me to drop my underwear so that he could examine my dick. Looking around my cock he found the tender area from stroking way too much, I actually created a burn on my penis. The Doc reached for a set of tools that he said could be used in helping relieve the buildup, but he told me not to worry because he wasn’t going to use them yet. He asked how I like to jerk off at home with our without lube, and I told him that most the time with. He told me he was going to try a technique that I could use at home. (MORE)


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Anthony returns to the clinic this week for an electro exam.

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