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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

This is the second part of the exam in which we continue with the full exam for David who is entering the ROTC and his ROTC officer brought him into the clinic for a thorough check up. I’m the lucky doctor that has to examine this hot smooth, toned muscular boy that is trying to get into the ROTC. I just completed the oral part of the exam with some help from his ROTC recruiter officer corporal Bobby. Both of us just finished sucking off David’s hot cock after spewing our own cum onto his face and body. Now its the rectal part of the exam. (MORE)


David and Corp. Bobby return from the bathroom after cleaning up and I checked David’s muscles and reflexes. David was a bit stiff so I had to continue with loosening him up so I had him sit back onto the exam table and continued more of an extensive reflexology on him bending his legs and stretching his body to try to really loosen him up and then we continued with more of the exam. I had David bend over the exam table to check his anal area. I spread his butt checks and lubed his tight anal hole as I was inspecting his anal cavity. In the mean while to take his mind off the fact I was probing his anus, I had David suck his corporals cock as I continued really probing David’s tight hole. (MORE)


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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

On our college campus now offers scholarships and training for the ROTC. For those that are not familiar with the ROTC it stands for the Reserve Officers Training Corps and it usually recruits and offers scholarships to those students on college campuses. The head of the ROTC department is Corporal Bobby and he was bringing in one of the newest recruits named David. David is a 22 year old college student not sure what he wants to do with his life and he figured that joining the ROTC can give him scholarship money, help with college and someday have a career in the arm forces. To be accepted into the ROTC, all students must go through a thorough exam and it just happens that I was the lucky doctor that took the first patient of the day. (MORE)


CPL. Bobby brings in 22 years old David. He’s was a bit nervous and I think he didn’t expect his Corporal to be in the exam room with him during the exam. I started out with the basic exam and worked my way into the genital exam. David was a really hot guy. Smooth muscular toned body and a really nice cock. I then checked his genitals as I looked over at the corporal I notice he was tugging on his bulge. (MORE)


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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today I got a visit from Rex. Rex was one of the boys that came into my office for a sperm donation. He was complaining he didn’t feel so well and had some complaints about his stomach not feeling well. I had him sit on the exam table as I went through his vital signs. He seem to look fine but who knows with boys his age. Since I didn’t have to rush through and deal with the boys donating there sperm I had the time to properly and thoroughly give Rex an exam. After taking his blood pressure and listening to his heart.

Then starting feeling his chest area working my way down to his upper abdomen and then lower abdomen. I then placed my fingers underneath the waistband of his undies feeling the base of his penis. I had him remove his undies as I thoroughly examined his genitals. As my memory served me right, Rex had a raging hard and had a very nice cock. I got a closer look by inserting my mouth onto his cock and sucked his boy cock. Rex has a really nice cock and I really enjoyed feeling his hard throbbing cock in my mouth. Rex only being 18, had a cock that was hard as a hammer. Rex is also very sensitive and cums very fast so I have to be careful not to make him cum so fast. I like teasing him and keeping him on the edge as I teased his frenum with the tip of my tongue. I was driving Rex crazy and I know he was dying to cum as I kept him on the edge of his climax. Rex is really hot, smoothed toned body with a killer cock that I couldn’t get enough of.

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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today a group of boys stop by the clinic wanting to collect $100 for donating their sperm for our first annual sperm donation. Each boy picked up a flyer and was waiting in the waiting area.

I entered the waiting room, and I see three hot boys waiting to give up there sperm. I didn’t expect so many boys to arrive all at once so I asked them to come back into the exam room. I had Rex, Parker and Ryan go into the exam room and I explain to them the procedures and gave them more details regarding the sperm drive and how they were able to collect the $100.

The boys were kind of freaked out. They thought they were going to be in private exam rooms but the doctor had other ideas. The boys were very hesitant about undressing and getting nude in front of each other.

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