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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

It is a bit of a hectic day today in the clinic. Besides moving our clinic to a new and larger location, we have been seeing many students this past few days. The next patient is a young 18 year college boy named Aaron. Aaron just started with the college but is moving onto a college out of the United States attending a music program. Since he’s going out of the country, the new college informed him he needs to have a exam before entering there school. Aaron seems to be a healthy young man so I did the basic exam on him. I asked him a few questions prior to the exam and then told him to remove his shirt and I listen to his vital signs such as his heart, took his blood pressure and took his weight. (MORE)


After doing his vital signs and everything seems to be in great working order. Aaron had on just a pair of undies on. I had him get onto the exam table and had him remove his undies and I lowered the exam table. I instructed Aaron to get on his hands and knees as I took the anal thermometer and placed it into his young tight hole. I inserted the thermometer and Aaron felt a bit uncomfortable with this exam, he has never had his temperature taken this way and as he was being treated he had asked me if this is normal routine for his exam. I assured him that his exam is basic and told him that I’m the type of doctor that likes to give all his patients a good thorough exam before giving them a clean bill of health. (MORE)

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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today I meet a new patient and his name is Issac. He’s a freshmen here in the college coming in for a sports physical. Issac is a thick big-boned country boy easy on the eyes. As I walk into the room, he’s waiting there for me to start the exam. Since this is a basic sports exam, I have him take off his shirt and I start with listening to his heart. To my surprise he has a great beating heart and I listen to his lungs and he doesn’t smoke. Issac is about 5’9 at 21 years old and seems to be in good health for his age. I looked in his eyes, nose and throat and took his blood pressure which was normal. I had him remove his pants and just wearing his undies, I told him to get up on the scale and I weighed him and his weight was 181lbs. He had a nice toned but you can tell he played football. (MORE)


I had him hope back onto the exam table and as he was standing, I did the “turn your head and cough” exam. He lowered his undies as I placed my hands and figure onto his scrotum and I placed my finger into his pelvis as I asked him to cough, I did it to both sides and he did not have any hernias. I with his shorts off, I had him bend over the table as I took his temperature. I lubed up the thermometer and inserted into his ass. His temp is a bit high..but nothing to worry about. I think proceeded to tell him that we are started to give prostrate exams early on to younger guys. Being that we now see early signs of prostrate cancer, we are now recommended to examine the prostrate. Since Issac was bent over the table, I lubed my finger and placed it into his tight rectum feeling his prostrate. I then reach around and examined him penis once again for any fluids dripping from his cock. As I was doing this, he started getting erect. I took my finger out of his tight ass and had him lay back onto the table as I explained to him we are going to take a sperm sample from him. (MORE)


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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

It was a real busy day in the clinic as I was making my rounds from exam room to exam room. My next patient was a young college student named Justin. He’s a new patient so I had to take some time with him. As I walked into the exam room I saw this cute tanned guy waiting with a really nice smile and sculptured face with defined facial features. (MORE)


I found out he’s 23 years old, he’s going to school for criminal law and his last exam was over 3 months. He’s been having issue’s falling asleep and then during the day he’s tired and cranky. I asked him a few questions about the history of his health and then proceeded to look into his ears, eyes, nose and throat. I then asked him to remove his shirt. He had a really nice smooth body with tattoos, perfectly toned and tanned and nicely built for his age. I checked his heart and listen a bit to his lungs and although he smokes and I advised him to cut down on his smoking. After I listen to his heart I had him stand up and remove his pants and then weighed him on the scale. For his age he weighed 152lbs and was 5’11. I had go back onto the exam table and this time I was getting excited to do a thorough penis exam. I felt around his lower abdomen and then once again had him stand up as he removed his undies. I felt his scrotum and each testicle and rolled in my hands and then I did the famous “turn your head and cough”, he had no hernia’s and everything seem to be fine with his genitals. I wasn’t finding anything abnormal about my new patient. I continued to feel around his genitals and the told him to lay back on the exam table once again. I explained to him that we have certain techniques in this clinic and proceeded to grab his cock and place his soft cock into my mouth as I teased his cock with my cock and the pressure of my lips tightening around the shaft of his cock. I felt his cock grow and harden in my mouth as I was aggressively sucking his cock. Now that I got him nice and hard, I kept on sucking his cock and he loved having his cock stroked as I was sucking on his balls. I spread his legs and place them up in the stirrups as I stood right in the center of his legs sucking and stroking his throbbing cock. (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals says,

This time I wanted to continue the test on my new patient diesel, after I did the dick sucking test and the electrostimulation endurance test, it was time for the anal exam. I took off my shirt and kissed him on his nipple and I continued down his stomach and started sucking his cock again. diesel got rock hard and his dick was ready for the next test. After I sucked his engorged cock, I had diesel starting to suck mine for a while. (MORE)


I traded spots with diesel and I got up on the exam table and I had diesel suck my cock. He’s really good at it and my dick got really hard and dripping pre-cum. I was really feeling good and as he was sucking my cock, I felt his tongue circle the head of my cock teasing the sensitive part of my cock. His manly hands wrapped around the base of my cock and him slurping on my throbbing cock was feeling really good at this point. I could have came right then there, but I held off because I wanted to have his big cock up my ass. (MORE)


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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

My first patient of the day and it was a really tall guy. He look very familiar so when I introduced myself I found out his name was Diesel. Diesel is one of the popular models from the adult website called and he was told by the folks at broke straight boys that he needed to get a physical exam. Its been a while since Diesel had an exam as I was asking him questions about his health and his last time he went to see a doctor for a physicals. Being 22 years old and not having an exam for over 6 years, Diesel was due for an extensive physical. (MORE)


Being a fan of his I couldn’t wait to start the exam. I first started out with the basics and checked his throat and then listen to his heart and then it was time to check his genitals. I had Diesel remove his underwear and I checked around his penis and palpated his shaft a bit. I felt his penis twitch in my hands as I was feeling up and down his penis. I can tell Diesel has a huge cock and I was making sure to take my time and really give his penis a thorough exam. I then moved my hands down to his testicles and feel each one. I then proceeded to phase one of the exam which was the oral exam. Once semi-hard, I took his cock into my hands then leaned over and proceeded to suck his huge cockhead. Once I placed his cock into my mouth I can feel is organ swell in my throat as I was slurping on his cock as it grew. The more I sucked the harder fatter it got. His cock throbbed in my throat and I was enjoying each moment of his cock as I sucked and stroked his cock. By this time, Diesel was ready for stage two of the exam and that was to introduce him to electro. (MORE)


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