Dr. Phingerphuk

College Guy Gets A Pysical

College Guy Gets A Pysical

Erik rolled into the College Boy Physicals office to get checked out. He said he was having some anal pain. The doctor asked Erick if he knew what caused the pain and nearly fainted when Erick told him that he recently got fucked in the ass by two black guys with massive cocks and he hasn’t walked right since. The good doctor promised to help him and started his exam.

The doctor wanted to get into some wild stuff with Erick, but he needed to take it a little slow and see what Erick was up for. The doctor had Erick strip down to his underwear then went to work. He listened to his heart and lungs then checked all his vital signs and his belly. Everything was checking out so far so he had Erick stand up, pull off his underwear and get on all fours. Erick’s ass is nice and tight as he bends over on the exam table and spreads himself open. The good doctor grabs an anal speculum and lubes it up.

Gay Anal Toying

Gay Anal Toying

He slowly inserts the tool into Erick ass. Erick makes a little noise that the doctor first thinks is pain then realizes is him moaning with pleasure. He took a look and saw that Erick was getting hard and had a drip of pre-cum on the head of his cock. He pulled the toy out and slid two fingers into Erick’s ass then reached down and started stroking his cock. Erick started moaning loudly and bucking his hips. He loved how it felt having the doctor jack him off.

The doc had Erick roll back over onto his back so he could really drive his fingers into him and stroke his cock hard and fast. The doc knows what he is doing and has jerked a lot of college guys off. Erick was so turned on that he only took him a few minutes and the doc’s skillful hands made him cum and shoot jizz like a geyser erupting.

Jerking Off College Guys

Jerking Off College Guys



Steven at College Boy Physicals says,

I made an appointment to go to the school clinic to see one of the doctor’s there. It’s embarrassing to admit, but recently my acne has acted up, and I wanted to see if maybe I could get something from the doctor to make it clear up a little easier. This way I will feel a little more confident when I go out in public to meet friends and date. I met Dr. Phingerphuck who was going to help me find some ways to take care of my issue, and to do that he wanted to look me over. He started by taking down some general information and then he had me remove my shirt. The Doc listened to my heart rate first and then he took my blood pressure. After he looked in my ears, eyes, and throat he had me remove my pants and shoes. I was left in just my underwear, so that Dr. Phingerphuck could get my weight. (MORE)


The Doc then explained to me that I needed to start increasing the amount of water that I take in to flush my body, and to stay away from fatty, fried foods. I leaned back onto the table and Phingerphuck used his hands to check for any tender areas on my chest and down to my lower stomach. Afterward he checked out my legs and did some bending exercises with them to see how flexible I was. The Doc discovered that I had some bad acne on my upper back and asked how my stress levels were. I told him that they were high with school, and he recommended getting some light sun and doing some relaxing techniques. Dr. Phingerphuck told me that he discovered this family remedy for clearing up facial acne and that was to use a cum treatment. When the Doc asked if I would be open to giving it a try, I was open to whatever he had that would make my skin clearer. Phingerphuck was going to show me how to do it, and to begin he had me drop my underwear. (MORE)


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Austin at College Boy Physicals says,

My boyfriend Keith and I were looking in the newspaper and came across this ad in the newspaper where guys could make money participating in sexual experiments. I called the clinic and they asked me a series of questions to make sure that I would work, and they said that I could bring Keith as well. When we arrived at the clinic we both had to sign a bunch of paperwork before we could be taken back to one of the exam rooms for the doctor. After we finished, the nurse walked us back and put us in a room. I took a seat on the exam table and Keith sat next to me on a stool, and we just chilled while we waited for the doctor. Dr. Phingerphuck came in and introduced himself, when we explained why we were there. The Doc started to tell us that he had come up with some medical drink that straight guys could take to want to do gay sex, and that now the army got wind of it and they wanted him to come up with something that would do the reverse. That was where we came in, and we would make $1200 after we did three different visits to the clinic. The first thing that had to be done was a quick overview of our health. (MORE)


Dr. Phingerphuck started by asking me some standard questions about my height and weight. Next, he had me remove my shirt so that he could take a listen to my heart. The Doc could tell that I didn’t smoke by listening to my lungs. After that he took my blood pressure, and said that I had a normal range. When Phingerphuck asked about my sexual activity, I thought that it would had been obvious with my boyfriend sitting next to me. Both he and I have a promise to each other that we will always have safe sex with one another, and not take a chance with bare backing. I was told to take off my pants, and as I was sitting on the table in only my underwear the Doc put on a pair of gloves. He noticed my one pierced nipple as he felt around my body and down towards my dick. The next request was to have me remove my underwear, and I will admit that I was nervous. Touching and moving my dick around he noticed that I actually had some precum on my cock. After he finished checking out each of my balls Phingerphuck noticed that forgot to check my ears and eyes. (MORE)


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Zack at CollegeBoysPhysicals says,

My buddy Kyle told that he had been going to the school’s clinic to participate in special projects where he would get paid in cash. The one thing that he warned me about was that I had to be open to doctors touching me. Hell every time I go to get a physical or something else done at the doctors, that happens anyway. Well, Kyle told me to go along with him on his next visit which was on Friday. I didn’t have any problem with that, and so we met up right outside the clinic. All Kyle had to do was sign in, me on the other hand; I had a bunch of paperwork that I had to fill out. The two of us were sitting in the waiting room by one of the exam doors that was cracked and had a sign stating, “Special Projects”. I remember hearing two different doctors in the room and they introduced themselves to each other, I could hear that one was Dr. Topnbottom and the other was Dr. Slater, who was an intern.  (MORE)


By listening to the door I heard that the special project was actually called, Post Adolescent Ejaculatory Evaluations. The last Dr. that had walked into the room was Dr. Phingerphuk and he didn’t partake in any of the testing. He just wanted to make sure that if the doctors needed anything that they would say something. As he exited the room, he called Kyle and I up to go into the exam room. Shutting the door behind him, the two doctors were ready to get started. (MORE)


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Dustin at College Boys Physicals says,

Nurse Ajay had me come back into the clinic after I passed my exam, because he figured that I was a good match to be one of the special candidates that the doctor was looking for. I came into the clinic and one of the nurses took me back to one of the exam rooms. That is where I sat for a while waiting for the doctor. Finally, there was a knock at the door and the doctor introduced himself as Dr. Phingerphuk walked into the room. He said that he would like to pay me to have some experimental treatments done. (MORE)


Dr. Phingerphuk applied some lube to my dick, and started to stroke me off to get the blood flowing in it. Once my dick was covered, and the pump was all hooked up he put it over my dick and started to squeeze the trigger. After a couple of pumps, he started to stroke the tube with his hands. Watching the tube with my eyes glued to it, my dick got the biggest I have ever seen it. After a few more minutes, my dick was full of blood and seemed to slow down. Dr. Phingerphuk hooked up the handle, in order to get the pump off. The Doc stroked my dick using lube and his gloves. He told me to put my legs up in the stirrups and move to the end of the table.  (MORE)


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Ricardo at College Boys Physicals says,

My baseball coach ordered me into the school’s clinic for an endurance test, and I had no idea what that meant. The nurse showed me back into the room and told me to get down to my shirt and underwear. Dr. Phingerphuk had me take off my shirt and he started the examine by listening to my heart and looking in my mouth. Then, he started to palpate my stomach and chest for tender areas. Pulling down my underwear the doctor had to examine me and I didn’t know that this was something the doctor’s usually do. Dr. Phingerphuk put on some gloves and examined my cock and balls. Rolling over the doctor put a drop of lube on my asshole and he used his finger to get it right there. He placed a thermometer in my ass for a minute to let it get an accurate reading. I could have told him that I was feeling fine, but doctors never believe you.  (MORE)


With my legs wide apart the doctor placed his finger in my very tight hole and it was hard for me to relax and let him do it. I have never had a finger or anything in my ass before this visit. At the same time as he fingered me, he stroked my cock to get me hard. Once I was hard the concentrated the exam on my cock, by continuing the stroking. Dr. Phingerphuk attached this electric shock thing to my cock and it felt very weird. The doctor changed the levels of shock and stroked my cock at the same time. Now, I was enjoying the exam and this was feeling good. I moaned and was starting to have an orgasm, and he stopped to take the device off. (MORE)


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Niko at College Boys Physicals says,

My coach told me that I needed to go into the school clinic to get checked out so that I could join the team. When I called to make the appointment they told me that they had an opening and I could come right in to the clinic. The first thing that the nurse had me do was fill out all the paperwork and give my health history to her. Walking me back to one of the patient rooms, I had taken a seat on the bed and waited for the doctor to come in. The doctor’s name is Dr. Phingerphuk, and he introduced himself to me before the examination begun. The exam was going to start out with checking out my heart and he had me take off my shirt so he could listen to my heart. Dr. Phingerphuk was very good about mixing some small talk in with doing the examination which made me feel very comfortable from the start. (MORE)


Moving back to take a laying down position on the bed, he started to palpate my stomach to find any tend spots. He had me roll over on to my stomach to palpate my back as well. Dr. Phingerphuk made fun of my very white teeth, but I can’t help it I take pride in my mouth. The exam continued on and he told me that he was going to check for hernias, so he took of my shoes, socks and helped with my pants. He was very gentle in touching my stomach and feeling just below the waist band with his hands. With my underwear off the doctor put some gloves on and started to feel around my cock and balls with his hands. The doctor told me that he was going to run another test and massage my balls to relieve some pressure. I have never had a doctor do to me what he was doing, but it felt good what he was doing. My cock was so hard and I was trying everything I could to hold back from shooting my load. I asked the doctor how I compared the rest of the team getting checked out and he said above average. (MORE)


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My name is Seth and I needed a physical in order for me to stay on the swim team. There were two doctors in the room, a Dr. Phingerphuk and Dr. Swallowcock. I took a seat down on the bed, and they began the exam. Dr. Phingerphuk had me take off my shirt, so that he could listen to my heart and lungs for a minute. He had me take off my pants and started to feel around my lower stomach, before he had me take off my underwear as well. Dr. Phingerphuk felt my testicles and made sure that there were no lumps. Afterwards he had me flip over so that way he could take my temperature. (MORE)