Ethan at College Boy Physicals says,

The clinic called Zak and I back in to the clinic to go over our comprehensive test results from the toxicology tests they ran. While we were waiting in the room, Zak kept blaming me for the situation we were in. I told him that it was his problem, because I had nothing to hide. Dr. Phingerphuk walked in and got right to the test results that he had in his hand. He first read mine, and like I had said I was negative on everything. As for Zak, he came up positive for alcohol and pot in his system. Dr. Phingerphuk asked how we should move forward with the results that he had in his hand. I told him, that he should go to the administration. Zak was a little shocked about the direction things were going and tried saying that the Doc had experimented when he was in college. Dr. Phingerphuk was just more upset he had to miss time away from his golf game. (MORE)


First thing that we had Zak do was take off his shirt, but then the Doc turned to me and told me to take off mine. He said that I had to play the game if I wanted it to go anywhere. I did what he said. Next, I said that I wanted Zak to lick on my nipples a bit. He started with the one closest to him, and playing with my nipples happened to be a turn-on for me. After a while the Doc told us to take off our pants, and stripping down to our underwear he told us to hold off going further. That is when he had us stand facing each other and rub our cocks together. In doing so, Zak was getting hard in no time. He reached inside my underwear and started to stroke my cock. The next step was that Dr. Phingerphuk had me bind Zak over the table and spank him. At first, I will admit that I was taking it easy, however, after a while when I was slapping his bare ass with my hand I started to hit harder. There were a couple of moans that came from him while I was doing it.  (MORE)


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