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Santiago meets our doctor

Santiago is the typical tall, dark, and handsome fellow any doctor would bend over backwards to treat at the clinic. He came in today complaining about a horrible sore throat that hurt even when he swallowed along with a slight fever. He wanted a miracle cure because he has a football game this Friday and needs to perform to the best of his ability. The doc went through the usual steps and had him get down to his boxer briefs while he checked his heart and lungs along with his throat. He thought of a great way to give him the relief he needed that would get him back to shape in no time.

Doctor Sucks Patients Cock

Doctor getting his cock licked

The doctor had him get on his knees while he disrobed and shoved his cock in Santiago’s open mouth. He’s going to take every drop of cum he had to give. He bobbed up and down fast working over his head and running his tongue down his shaft and around his balls. The doc had Santiago moaning and groaning from the great oral service he was providing.

Gay Medical Fetish

The doc ready to explode in Santiago's mouth