nurse powers

The college wrestling coach, Coach Maddox, stopped by the doctors office to schedule the annual appointments for his entire wrestling team. That is one of the best days of the year for the College Boys Physicals crew because the office is flooded with hot guys who are in tip top shape and are there to get a head to to physical. The coach scheduled his team’s physicals and the decided that since he was already there he might as well get a physical himself.

Gay Medical Blowjob

Gay Medical Blowjob

The good doctor was out this afternoon on a vacation, but Nurse Powers said he would step in and do the exam so long as he didn’t need anything major. The coach was cool with it and he and nurse headed to the exam room. Nurse powers is a tall guy who is thin and absolutely loves men who are strong and muscular. The first thing he did was get the coach naked and put him on the scale. He reached down and checked him for a hernia by grabbing his balls and making him cough. Nurse Powers never wanted to let go of the coach’s sweet balls, but he did long enough for the coach to lay down on the exam table.

Nurse Powers decided to make his move. He reached down and grabbed the coach’s cock. When he didn’t push his hand away Nurse Powers leaned down and took Coach Maddox’s cock in his mouth. He sucked him good, taking his thick dick all the way down his throat. The coach began to to thrust, fucking Power’s mouth with his now rock hard cock. It was becoming very clear why the coach has all his medical work done at this office. This is the only place he gets a physical and a blowjob!

Nurse Powers had the coach stand up so he could suck his balls while the coach stroked his dick. The coach worked his rod with authority,until he was ready to explode then Nurse Powers clamped his mouth back around it and sucked hard, letting the coach drain every last drop into his wide open mouth.