Neo at College Boy Physicals says,

I pulled a muscle in my groin, and could not take the pain that it was giving me. When I arrived to the clinic one of the nurses took me back to an exam room. Sitting there waiting for the doctor to come in and take a look at me. Finally, when he came in he asked me what was wrong and I told him that I had pulled a muscle. He took some personal info from me, and then wanted to listen to my heart. In order for him to do that he had me lift off my shirt. He could tell that I was a non-smoker, and that I was in great health. Laying down on the exam table, he wanted to check some of my pressure points. Politely, the doctor asked me to remove my shorts, so that he could continue checking me out. (MORE)


The doctor was being very careful not to pass over anything. When my underwear came off, it was a little awkward sitting there on the table naked in front of the doctor. Pressing and feeling my thighs, he was trying to find exactly where the pain was coming from. The doctor made me aware that testicular cancer is popping up in younger guys all the time. Feeling my balls for any lumps he didn’t find anything, but wanted to check out my dick to make sure that it was clean. It felt a little weird with him touching me like he was, but it was ok. Applying some liquid to my thigh muscle he started to work the muscle to get it to relax. It felt better with the doctor touching me, and I hoped that he could take away the pain. (MORE)


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