Brady at College Boy Physicals writes,

My buddy Maverick and I went in for our routine physicals at our school clinic for a check up with Dr. Swallowcock. He introduced himself and asked us a little about ourselves. The first thing he had us do was start by taking off our shirts so that he could begin listening to our hearts. After he got done, he had us go for our pants, as he asked us about if we had ever had a hernia. Neither I nor my roommate, Maverick had ever had one, but the doctor just wanted to make sure. He had me pull down my briefs and took a hold of my balls and had me cough. Maverick had to do the same thing, before the doctor had us take off our briefs completely. Dr. Swallowcock asked us if we liked the exam and how it was going and we both had responded with yes. (MORE)


Dr. Swallowcock started to stroke my cock first, before reaching over and taking Maverick’s in his hand as well. That is when he asked if we both liked dick and if we had ever messed around with each other. We have messed around once in a while but that is only when our other roommates step out for a while. When he asked if we liked to get sucked, we both quickly responded with a yes. The doctor bent over and took my dick in his mouth first as he started to suck on it. He went from dick to dick to get us both turned on and Maverick and I kind of rubbed each other as he sucked our dicks. (MORE)