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Anthony at College Boy Physicals says,

I was feeling a little constipated and it seemed like I just couldn’t get regular, so I made an appointment to go in to see the doctor at the local school clinic. The doctor that I saw for my appointment was Dr. Phingerphuck and he started by having me remove my shirt so that he could listen to my heart and lungs. After that he gave me a short and to the point lecture about smoking and then moved on to taking my blood pressure. The Doc said that I was running a little high with my blood pressure, but that could be just from my nerves. He asked me to take off my pants and then he resumed with checking out my ears and mouth. I noticed that there was a weird tool on his table, and I asked what it was just in case that was going to be used on me. He told me that it was used to clear blockages in the penis, good thing I asked. (MORE)


After Dr. Phingerphuck got down with taking my weight he had me take off my underwear when I hopped up onto the table. The Doc started to feel around my lower abdominal area and could tell right away that I was blocked up. He examined my dick and then my balls carefully for anything out of the ordinary. Afterward, he had me get up and turn around, and as I was facing the wall Phingerphuck instructed me to bind over the exam table. That’s where he applied some lube to my asshole just before he stuck a finger inside. It was a very uncomfortable feeling at first, giving me a rush sensation of pressure back there. Then, the Doc worked his way up to putting two fingers in at a time. By him doing this, it was going to loosen my hole up to allow him to use some instruments. (MORE)


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Steven at College Boy Physicals says,

I made an appointment to go to the school clinic to see one of the doctor’s there. It’s embarrassing to admit, but recently my acne has acted up, and I wanted to see if maybe I could get something from the doctor to make it clear up a little easier. This way I will feel a little more confident when I go out in public to meet friends and date. I met Dr. Phingerphuck who was going to help me find some ways to take care of my issue, and to do that he wanted to look me over. He started by taking down some general information and then he had me remove my shirt. The Doc listened to my heart rate first and then he took my blood pressure. After he looked in my ears, eyes, and throat he had me remove my pants and shoes. I was left in just my underwear, so that Dr. Phingerphuck could get my weight. (MORE)


The Doc then explained to me that I needed to start increasing the amount of water that I take in to flush my body, and to stay away from fatty, fried foods. I leaned back onto the table and Phingerphuck used his hands to check for any tender areas on my chest and down to my lower stomach. Afterward he checked out my legs and did some bending exercises with them to see how flexible I was. The Doc discovered that I had some bad acne on my upper back and asked how my stress levels were. I told him that they were high with school, and he recommended getting some light sun and doing some relaxing techniques. Dr. Phingerphuck told me that he discovered this family remedy for clearing up facial acne and that was to use a cum treatment. When the Doc asked if I would be open to giving it a try, I was open to whatever he had that would make my skin clearer. Phingerphuck was going to show me how to do it, and to begin he had me drop my underwear. (MORE)


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Luke at College Boy Physicals says,

I had an accident with my Vespa scooter the other morning on my way to work, and I ended up only walking away with some scratches and cuts on my right side of the body. Some idiot on his cell phone turned and didn’t pay attention to me. I didn’t want to take a chance, so I made an appointment to go in to see a doctor. When I showed up to my appointment I had to wait for my name to be called after I gave them all my paperwork. One of the nurses called my name and walked me back to one of the exam rooms where I took a seat on the table. She told me that the doctor would be right in, and she closed the door behind here. At one point I heard someone pick the clipboard up from hanging in the door and then there was a knock at the door. Dr. Toppinbottom came in and introduced himself as he started to look over my chart. I told him a little bit of why I was there and as he went through my paperwork, noticed that there wasn’t a date for the last time I had a physical. The Doc explained to me that he wanted to perform a physical and would also make sure that I was okay from the accident. Having a complete look over from head to toe didn’t sound so bad after what I had just been through, so I said that was fine. (MORE)


Dr. Toppinbottom said that they do things a little differently in that clinic than in most offices and that was because they only focused on males and not women. I said okay and the Doc wanted to start by listening to my heart and lungs. I removed my shirt and the good doctor took a couple of listens to my breathing. Afterward he looked in my ears, eyes, and mouth, and took my blood pressure which was a normal level even after being in an accident. Toppinbottom wanted to do a pelvic exam and so he wanted me to take off my pants, I hopped off the table and stripped down. Taking a seat, the Doc commented on my jockstrap, and I told him that I just practice a lot of sports. Putting on a pair of gloves the Doc was using a pair of black heavy duty gloves. When I asked about them, he told me that they were for doing deep research. He started to feel around my lower pelvic area with his hands moving around my waistband area. Reaching into the jock strip he pulled my cock and balls out and felt around underneath them and to the side. Dr. Toppinbottom asked me how many partners I am typically with, and honestly I just don’t count. (MORE)


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Ty at College Boy Physicals says,

I showed up for my follow up visit that was going to test my endurance and so when I arrived Nurse Cindy took me back to the exam room. I took a seat on the table and was left there waiting for the Doc to come in. The door knob turned and in walked this guy, we both looked at one another like what are you doing in here. He introduced himself as Leo and said that the Nurse told him to come in this room. We both talked about why we were in to see the Doc, and that it was clear that we were doing an endurance test together. There was a knock at the door and in walked Dr. Toppinbottom and he confirmed that Leo and I would be testing together. The first thing that he did was had me take off my shirt to listen to my heart. Then, he took my blood pressure which he told me was normal. After that he moved over and repeated the same thing with Leo. (MORE)


Dr. Toppinbottom told me to take off my pants, and because the room was kind of full, he helped me pull them off. Grabbing the waistband on my underwear he pulled those down as well leaving me naked on the exam table. The plan was to do an oral exam again, and he explained that he would be doing that with his mouth. Since he did this in the last appointment I was in I at least knew what to expect, but I wondered if Leo had the same thing happen to him. Then, the Doc told him to pay attention to what he was doing so that he could take part. Dr. Toppinbottom started to suck on my dick and I have to say that man is a professional. He knows how to give great head and make his patients happy. Once I was hard however, I was instructed to hop off the table and it was going to be Leo’s turn. Leo went right for his pants and underwear dropping them to the floor, and hopped up on the table. The Doc told me that I was be performing the oral, and to come around to the side. I couldn’t believe that I was in this situation, but I put the guy’s dick that I just met into my mouth and started sucking. (MORE)


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