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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Today I was following up with Jarrod to see if his wrist still hurts. I had him sit on the exam table and I examined his wrist to make sure it didn’t hurt him. I couldn’t help looking at him with his sexy eyes and since we already fooled around in last weeks exam, I figured I would take advantage of the situation and grab his crotch and start kissing him. Too my amazement, he didn’t resist my coming onto him. Jarrod is a real passionate kisser and I become hard very fast.  (MORE)


I had him remove his shirt and unbutton his jeans as I got undressed and pushed him to the floor and had him suck my uncut cock. Jarrod is a really hot cocksucker and it felt really good having him tease and suck my cock. I then place him on the exam table and I wanted to suck his cock so bad. Jarrod was very hard and I can see his cock was throbbing waiting for his turn. I placed my hand at the base of his cock, holding his huge cock I then moved closer and took my tongue and swirled it around the head of his cock. I then gulp down on his cock taking his huge cock down my throat. I couldn’t help my suck and tease his cock and by his response, he loved having his cock sucked. Jarrod has a really nice 7.5 inch cock. While I was sucking his cock I was thinking how it would feel if I had him fuck me really hard. I wasn’t sure to go to the next step but I figured since he like having is cock sucked, that he wouldn’t mind fucking me in my tight ass. (MORE)


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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Hi! My name is Doctor Coxs and today is my first day here working in the clinic. I’m a new medical doctor doing my internship and Dr. PhingerPhuk assigned me to take care of some of the simple problems that some of the college students are having. Today I am taking care of Jared and he seems to have issues with his wrist. As I spoke to him further, he seem to have what many people suffer is carpal tunnel syndrome. This is common with lots of people when they type and/or write a lot. (MORE)


Jared seems to be a very cute hot guy jock type boy. Dr.PhingerPhuk has told me to make sure I give each patient a very thorough exam. I wasn’t sure what that means but based on some of the crazy stories I heard from Nurse Cindy, it seems that this clinic really does things different and can get away with it. I had all the confidence in the world that I was able to work in the this clinic and learn as much as I possibly can and then move on to my own private practice or to work in a large hospital. (MORE)


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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today is my second day on the job and I’m kind of getting the hang of it. My patient today is Nathaniel a hot Puerto Rican boy coming in for a sore throat. He waited a week figuring that it will go away, but it didn’t. Today I have the pleasure examine this hot Latin boy. Doctor PhingerPhuk was busy today so he told me to examine him and give him the report. Since this is a college clinic, we get many interns and new nurses that graduated from nursing school. Since this is my first job out of nursing school, this is a great place to get experience. (MORE)


Nathaniel is 19 years old and is a new patient to this clinic. I started out by checking his ears, eyes, nose and throat. I can tell his throat was red and a bit sore. I had him remove his shirt and I listen to his heart and lungs. Lucky for him it didn’t turn out to be bruchinitic. I him remove his pants so I can properly weigh him. Nathaniel weighed in at 136lbs. He wanted to put back his clothes, but I told him not to and he was a bit freaked out when I told him we take the temperature here via the rectum. He was a bit tense and he didn’t like getting his temperature taken this way. After I took his temperature I instructed him to be nude, but he really didn’t want to be nude. Dr. PhingerPhuk had told me that there will be some patients like this, but to ignore them and continue with the exam as I was told. (MORE)


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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today I was running behind and I had lots of patients to see. All my interns and other doctors are out today so all I had was Nurse Cindy in the office and I was making my rounds. I told Tony to come back to pick up his results so he can give it to the coach and I had Keith come back to give him his results for the team and for his prostrate exam. I had both boys waiting in the exam room but since they were here for results, I called them back into the exam room and had them wait together in the exam room. I had to run and leave the office to pick up there paperwork. Since I was leaving them in the room for about 15-20 mins. I told the boys not to touch anything. (MORE)


As I left, leaving them both alone. When I returned I gave them there paperwork and it seem they stayed in the room and waited. Later that day as I was doing my paperwork, Nurse Cindy brought to my attention that both Keith and Tony started sucking each others cocks in the exam room when I left them alone. I couldn’t believe that these two boys really took advantage of each other when I was away. We installed a hidden camera in the exam room ever since the janitor took advantage of one of our patients, we decided to monitor the office with cameras. Nurse Cindy left me alone to view the monitor with the two boys playing around. At first they started talking and comparing stories and before you know it they started undressing and jerking off and then to my surprise Tony started sucking Keith’s cock. (MORE)


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