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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

This was my last patient of the day, Evan James a cute 19 year old getting his physical for the swimming team. Evan is 5’7 and weighs in at 119lbs. and very healthy for a boy his age. Evan is fit and slim with a really smooth toned body. Since this was my last patient for the day I figured I would take my time and give Evan a very thorough exam and pay lots of attention in examining his genitals. I started off by lowering the exam table and feeling around his chest and stomach and working my hands down his lower stomach area. As I felt around his lower abdomen and felt around his upper pubic region, my patient started getting hard. I had stand and remove his undies as I did the “stand up and cough” exam. As he removed his undies, my patient was already hard and getting excited. Being semi-hard I had him sit down again on the exam table and I started my thorough exam on his penis. As I examined him, he got really hard and I think he liked having his dick examined. (MORE)


I figured at this point, while being hard, I told him that we are going to take a sperm sample from him and since he was already hard, it would be easy. I gripped his cock firmly at the base of his cock and started stroking. I placed a small amount of lube onto my hands and simply jerked his cock and felt his balls. Evan was really enjoying this part of the exam which most boys do of his age. (MORE)


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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Hi, I’m Dr. Bottoms and I’m new here in the clinic. I didn’t have a chance to speak with Dr.Phingerphuk or Dr.Dick and I was thrown right into examining my first patient Zakk. I was very surprised to my first patient Zakk. He was super hot looking and I couldn’t wait to feast my eyes onto his body and start examining his cock. Zakk is joining the swim team and needed a sports physical which is something I have a lot of experience in doing. I was trying to keep my composure when examining Zakk since he was so hot and I was happy to see that this clinic gets some really hot guys. (MORE)


I did the normal exam and Zakk was completely healthy. I heard a lot of crazy things happen here in this clinic so I figured I would push the limits and see how far I can get without getting into any trouble. Since I’m new, I didn’t want to over step my position as one of the newer doctors so once I had Zakk do his “stand up and cough” test and I felt his testicles. I started sucking his hot hung cock. Zakk has one of the nicest cocks as I placed it into my mouth and sucked on it, I felt it get hard and warm as I slid my tongue over his dick head and his shaft. I was gettin super hard and horny and I had Zakk suck my cock for a while so I can test his throat muscles. Zakk not only has a great body and cock, he is some cocksucker as well and I can tell he sucked some cock before. (MORE)


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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

This was my first day starting at the clinic. When I arrive it was really busy so I didn’t have a chance to meet any of the other doctors. Nurse Cindy told me to go into exam room number 5 and there was a patient waiting for me. As I entered the room, I notice a young cut guy sitting and waiting for me to enter. His name is Matthew complaining about a lower back problem that he’s been having. Matthew is a cute 19 year old country boy weighing in at 152lbs, that seems to be very healthy and normal for his age group. After doing all the normal exam, I had him lay down on the exam table and felt around his stomach and lower abdomen and then had him lower his under and I finally got to see him naked. Matthew had a really nice body, smooth with nice blue eyes and blond hair and a really nice cock that was semi-hard as I was examining him. I notice he was hard so I took it upon myself to examine him a bit closer as I stroked his cock and placed it into my mouth, his cock grew hard and stiff as I continued socking from the base up to the tip of his cockhead. (MORE)


I normally don’t play around with my patients and I respect them as patients, but I heard lots of rumors from the other clinics around town that this sort of thing is allowed at this particular clinic. I’ve also heard there is a lot of crazy experimenting going around here in this clinic headed by Dr. Dick and Dr. PhingerPhuk and they allow the new doctors to experiment as well. Although I haven’t formerly met either doctor, I understand they are experts when dealing with these type of exams. I couldn’t help myself and was so excited that I, as a doctor, can finally give my patients the exam they deserve and I was really loving Matthews cock. (MORE)


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The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

It has come to our attention that the student that works part-time in our clinic doing some cleaning work, has been doing a bit more then just cleaning these days. I was out of the office and it was late. I was told that Mick stopped by the clinic because his leg/knee was hurting him badly and he couldn’t wait for the specialist so he rushed over to the clinic. What I understand was that Jason, the guy that cleans our clinic at night, told Mick to sit on the exam table and started speaking to him about his leg and tried to help in out. Jason somehow convinced Mick to take off his pants so he can check out his leg and told Mick that he can help. (MORE)


Mick was so innocent believes Jason and proceeded to take off his pants. Mick at this point was on the exam table wearing only his t-shirt and tighty whities while Jason took out the rubber hammer to test Micks knee. He tested his knee and Mick was in pain. Mick then picks up a test bottle that contains a certain aroma that can knock you out. Jason claims he warned Mick not to touch anything but Mick ignored him and took a small sniff of the aroma. Jason then took the bottle away from him telling him not to sniff anymore of the aroma that it can be dangerous. (MORE)


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