The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today I was doing my rounds and my next patient was Nelson. He has been to the clinic before when Dr. PhingerPhuk did some extensive exams on him…I was checking out his file and Nelson is a real freak so I was totally excited to meet him for the first time. When I entered the exam room, Nelson was on the exam table waiting for me and I introduced myself and he explained that he was having a problem sleeping and has been suffering from insomnia. For the past few days, Nelson couldn’t fall asleep so he decided to come into the clinic and get it checked out. (MORE)


Nelson is a 20 year old college student that is 5’10 with a 32 inch waist and weighs about 155lbs. He has a nice toned body, he seems to keep in shape. I checked out his ears and that seem to be normal and then I listen to his heart and that was doing just fine as well. It seems Nelson is a healthy young boy so I must continue my examination on him. I had him lay down and I palpated his chest and his lower abdomen working my hands down to his pants. I unbuttoned his pants and felt around his upper pubic area. Then I asked him to remove his pants and undies so I can further check him out. Once back on the exam table, nude, I felt his genitals and palpated his penis. I wanted to examine his penis while erect so I inserted his penis into my warm mouth as I teased his dick with my tongue and started to suck his now throbbing hard cock. Nelson has a beautiful 8.5 inch cut cock which I continued to suck. He suggested to suck my dick and I got undressed and had Nelson suck my cock for a while. I figure this endurance work out would give Nelson some good. When I was learning my sexual medical techniques in the foreign land, it was said that if a man jerks off before bed or encages in sex, he will sleep much better. This was the idea for my exam with Nelson and since I knew he was a sexual deviant, he would enjoy my type of exam. He mention to me about doing yoga for exercise so I had him do some karma sutra moves and we did a sixty-nine on the exam table. (MORE)


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